Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Lights!

The only 'pretty' thing I did today was make a wine bottle light for one of my sister's friends.

I experimented with braiding the raffia and wrapping some around the neck of the bottle.

Her friend had collected these blue bottles thinking she would do something with them.
She DID! She gave them to ME!

I can see this tall bottle with no label as PERFECT for a
'Dallas Cowboy Wine Light!'
This will be gifted to the lady responsible for allowing me to go to some of the Cowboy games
I have attended! Instead of grapes I think I will find a
Cowboy bandanna and some keepsakes to decorate the bottle neck.

And can you see the LLANO bottle done up with bluebonnets to go with the label?

I have a garland of blue and white which would make a nice patriotic light.
The possibilities are endless!
I need to stock up on 20 count and 35 count 'Fairie' lights
 now that they are putting Christmas merchandise out in the craft shops.

The 'dirty' work I have done today has been rewarding as well.
Just not 'Pretty!'
It came a good downpour early this morning and soaked the ground making it the PERFECT day for pulling weeds (aka mint, lantana, honeysuckle) that have simply taken OVER the front flower bed
while it was too hot for me to be out watching what they were doing!

Louis Dean has been cleaning out gutters - which were obviously FULL - since the storm sent the heavy rain POURING down onto the front porch!

AND I am back at work on my bedroom remodel. Took the curtains down and stripped off the rest of the wallpaper on that one wall behind the bed. Clean the room A/C up really good since we will be putting that one in the guest room once LD installs the bigger BETTER one in ours. It also has HEAT for the winter....
not that I can even IMAGINE needing heat at this moment! It is NOT 100 degrees but with the rain it is rather steamy around here today. No matter. It is NOT 100 degrees! Did I already say that?

For now we only have half an hour left to work before we start cleaning up for church.
Tonight starts a new series......'Shark Weak! Facing Your Fears'
Have you seen the movie 'Soul Surfer?' Bethany Hamilton's story of courage?
She is to be a guest speaker - I THINK tonight!
Plus after praying a specific prayer on serving Thursday night as I was going to sleep.....
I received a specific answer on Friday morning! An email requesting help in hospitality at Fellowship!
So right after the service tonight we will be working a shift serving coffee and ice water to folks.
Stop by and say hello if YOU are there!
Ed Young says Fellowship  is not so much a LARGE church as it is a small TOWN!


A Vintage Green said...

Happy, very busy. Rejoicing. Love reading your posts.
- Joy

Pondside said...

I love it when you post your everyday life posts - you are one busy lady!

Flora said...

What a busy person! How do you ever have time to post. I get so behind posting..I think I'm busy..but you are REAL busy! Have a wonderful Sunday.

Life 101 said...

That wine bottle light is beautiful.

Nita said...

Linda, what a beautiful light it turned out to be.
Robin will be thrilled. She made the right choice
giving them to you. She isn't expecting to get a beautiful light out of the deal. What a surprise!
Thank you for doing this for her.

Texas Tales said...

I love the wine bottle lights, seeing them in person today they are even prettier! The Cowboys wine light is such a great idea.

Fellowship has been such a great place for you guys, I am so happy you enjoy it there. I can't wait until we get to start going more often one day.

We are home, getting ready for bed. It was a good weekend and I loved seeing y'all! Will look forward to next time... SOON! Love you!

Cristine Estrada said...

Hi Linda,

Would you mind telling me the name or label of that really tall blue bottle of wine? I'm trying to find some to buy and no having much luck. Thank you!