Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh Pear Cake and Monday Night Music!

Since we  usually have music jam sessions on Monday nights I decided to go ahead and PRETEND it was not over 100 degrees and bake a ham, baked beans and a Spiced Pear Cake!
It was all delicious even if I say so myself. The only seasonal things I served were iced tea and a chilled fluffy salad. You know - the kind with Cool Whip, cottage cheese, crushed pineapple, jello.....and I added strawberry yogurt and fresh sliced strawberries to it as well!

The cake turned out PRETTY!
It is a dense cake and bakes for 1 hour and 15 min!

The glaze is wonderful! The recipe uses a little cornstarch.....not something I normally have
 but I DID find a jar on a top shelf in the pantry!

Since  I wanted to share the recipe I was FORCED - FORCED, mind you!! - to sample a slice!

I shared it with Louis Dean, though, so I did not eat the WHOLE piece!
It was good!

Hope you can read the recipe. I can always type it up and send it by email if you are interested.
The pears are the kind that are not really good for eating but are GREAT for pear preserves or this cake!
Last year I made preserves. This year......CAKES!
Next time I bake it I plan to use mini loaf pans so I can wrap them up and give them as little gifts.
A whole cake is too much for most people!
THIS cake will be sliced up and given away. I already ate my portion and Louis Dean doesn't need to eat it either. That's too bad, too, since I really do love to bake.

Earlier this afternoon a good looking young man came to see me.
This is Kyle and he grew up across the street. He and his family moved out of the neighborhood and then later out of Irving. He was back in the area visiting and just wanted to stop by!
 I am SO excited kids still come by to say hello to me from time to time.
He is such a nice guy!
I know some AWESOME teenagers and young adults!

After dinner Louis Dean and Brenda played a lot of pretty music!

Brother Ray was our special guest tonight. He and I used to go to church together years ago. It was a Baptist church and if you are familiar with Baptist you know we all call each other 'Brother' and 'Sister.'  He will always be 'BROTHER' Ray to me!
Louis Dean picks Bro. Ray up and then takes him back home along with a Goodie Bag of food for his lunch the next day. Bro. Ray said he has gained back some weight!

He does love to listen to Louis Dean play music!
And Louis Dean DOES love to play music!!

The day is done. Dishes and kitchen are all cleaned up. I think I hear Louis Dean coming in from taking Bro. Ray home. It has been a good day! We will either watch TV- 'The Closer' is our MOST favorite show and we have tonight's episode on our DVR. OR we might sit outside for a little while. I was out earlier and walked Lucy around the block. It was hot but NOT 100!! I am thankful for that. We love to watch the night skies and the moon is tracking through the pecan tree again.....right on schedule. Night is the only time you CAN sit outside unless we get up early in the mornings - and THAT'S not likely to happen!


Flora said...

Oh Linda...all that cooking when it is hot out! I can't believe it. We are still on the road. It was 85 when we parked... I cooked supper with the air conditioner on in the RV and thought I would melt!! but you over 100...Hubby and I walked to the Target just down from the RV park...sweating like crazy...and I said you know...if those people in Texas where here..they would think this was also sounds like you had a great evening! What a life you have!!

Diana Ferguson said...

I haven't turned my oven on in days--probably more like weeks!!! I am so ready to bake but I just can't right now with it 150!

Your cake looks yummy.

A Vintage Green said...

Again, thank you for sharing such a peaceful and yet filled day. Music is so wonderful. Joy

Texas Tales said...

What a great day. Brother Ray looks really good! Maybe one of these days I will get to see him... maybe next Monday! Not sure how early he comes over. Can't wait to try the cake!

Heather@myeverydaygraces said...

Hi Linda, Whew... 104F there today?? It has not been too hot here but I shudder to think what the temperature in my non-airconditioned house would have been had I gone on a baking bonanza like this:) It all sounds wonderful! And thank you for suffering through the cake at our expense; it is a hard life:)