Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sharing a glass......

This is Maggie.....our beautiful cat! Every night when I go to bed I put a glass of water on the side table.
We sleep with our room A/C ceiling fan and 'noise' machine and our door CLOSED!
Maggie will slip into our room when we go in and out and then 'bark' at us throughout the rest of the night unless I escort her to the door! White cats are unusual critters!

One evening before bed I noticed Maggie helping herself to a drink of water......
from MY glass!!

She thought it was HER water!!!
No telling how many times I have drank AFTER her!!

Now she does, INDEED, have her very own glass of water each night!
I keep mine up on a tall chest.
I wonder if she can jump up that high?


  1. oh Linda that is too funny...silly cat...

  2. Maggie looks like my cat Paris, only younger. I agree that white cats are different, mine is haughty, but I love her.

  3. Oh dear... glad you got your own glass now! Cute cat.

  4. I love it. I wish I could have seen your face when you realized you were drinking after the cat!
    Cats rule the roost, if they want it it's theirs.

  5. She's awfully cute. But I'm glad you discovered her little habit!!!

    I keep my night-time water in a kind of a thermos. Not a real, lined thermos. Just a drinking water bottle with a screw cap. Which I take out with me, every time I drive anywhere. And use as my night time water, too. :-)


  6. How pretty your bedroom looks!!!!!!!


  7. TOO Funny. My dog does that if I put my glass down by the pool I now have to place it on the spa wall where I know he won't go for fear of falling in the water. I had this co-worker who had a little coffee with his cream and sugar. One day in a meeting he put his coffee cup down on the floor and the owners dog came up and helped himself and before we could stop our co-worker he grabbed his cup and drank away. Provided us all with a good laugh.