Sunday, June 19, 2011

High Lights of MiMi Camp 2011

MiMi Camp 2011 was a success! The grandkids, Granddad and I all had a great time!
We had a whole lot of old fashioned wholesome FUN!
NO computer games, you tube, and less than one hour of a Classic Looney Tunes DVD!

We had an evening picnic in the park.
 The boys played and Faith discovered she has a very real talent with the camera!
She documented many of the 'memories' from this year's camp.

After baths I popped some corn and the kids sat on a blanet in the front yard where we watched the
Full Moon rise and move up through the trees.
In the triple digit Texas heat,
the kids helped us water the things that are SUPPOSED to be green every evening.
(It is a little bit lonely watering all by ourselves now!)

Thursday morning we all did my 20 minute yoga routine. They were impressed I could DO these moves!

While I prepared lunch, the GK's settled down in the living room with a pillow for each of them
and listened to Jack Lemmon reading Peter and the Wolf.
Amber and Benjamin used to listen to this with me years ago.
It was as much fun for me to get to hear this again as it was for the kids!

We saw Rango at Starplex complete with popcorn and cokes.
They had already seen this but I hadn't!
I love all things Johnny Depp!

For the evening's entertainment
I brought out Benjamin's yo-yo collection and the book we checked out at the library.

Granddad said he was pretty good at yo-yo's.....and he still IS!!!
This was all the rage back in the 50's.
I am going to try to find a super duper one for Sam's birthday.
I safely returned all of Ben's back to the tin for safe keeping.....
until he has his OWN children!
They will inherit quite extensive collections of yo-yo's, Lego's, and Match Box cars!
Plus I still have his Erector set!

The horeshoe and nail puzzles were a challenge for all of us!

We spent our last night eating watermelon on the driveway and watching the moon and stars.
We loved listening to the kids chat with each other. They play SO well together and are unusually close.

All too soon it was Friday morning!
They looked a bit sad as we loaded up the car and drove to Fort Worth.

We dropped Granddad off when we picked GiGi up for her weekly trip to the beauty shop.
My little Ford Fusion will only hold 5 people!
I kind of miss my big old van!
(But NOT the cost of the HUGE amount of gas it took to drive it!)

Lunch at CiCi's pizza was a real treat for me!
I have been eating healthy since Louis Dean is on a heart healthy - diabetic friendly diet.

I traded Mother for Louis Dean and we were off to Granbury!

The 'beach' is actually a section of Granbury Lake but we still enjoyed the sand and water
on such a hot summer's day.
There was a SCORCHING wind blowing although the kids did not seem to notice!

Louis Dean does not care much for the beach.....
he wore black pants, shoes and socks AND his wool flat cap from Scotland!
He says he is old enough now to do and wear anything he WANTS!
And so he DOES!

After spending the entire afternoon it was time to clean up and get dressed.
Their mother just so happened to be celebrating her birthday with a close friend in GRANBURY!
She met us at the beach and we transferred the precious cargo!

Faith took a couple of last shots with the camera.
I know what I am going to get for HER birthday!

SO that's it for MiMi Camp 2011!
We did a TON of things and I hope we made just as many good memories!
We have a couple of make up days left so I think I will have a
'Mini MiMi Camp' a bit later on this summer.

Now we are now resuming our normal routine.
Each day we are recalling - 'This time LAST week we were...........!"
Already enjoying some of those memories!


Deb said...

what a fun time...they will love the memories of their Mimi Camp....and so will you...

Louis Dean Chapman Sr. said...

I really enjoyed reliving the great memories.:) We all really had a great time together. All of us will reflect on them throughout the years to come. :)
Thanks my beautiful blond...:)

Pondside said...

What a great time you all had! I hope that someday I`ll be able to have our grands for Nana Camp - they will just need to get a little bit older...then watch out!

Flora said...

I can just 'feel' what you are feeling...all the fun with you darling little ones...and now its over.... the joys of grandchildren!! (You are one special set of grandparents!)

dreams on 34th street said...

Linda! You and LD are the cutest! Do your grandchildren call you MiMi? How sweet! I love how you keep the old traditions in place. You are making such wonderful memories for all! We're still on baby watch!

Linda said...

What a lovely weekend.
And Louis Dean is well dressed for the Scottish summer! Perhaps with the addition of a Fair Isle vest top. He and my husband would get on well. When we holidayed in LA my husband spent most of the time running from one air conditioned spot to the next.