Monday, June 13, 2011

MiMi Camp 2011 is now OPEN!

My son dropped the grand kids off about 6:00 yesterday and we were off and running
for this year's MIMI CAMP!

First thing on the agenda was WATER! Always a fun thing for kids of just about any age!
It just so happens I have THREE water hoses in the front so all the flower beds had a good soaking by the time the kids were done!

This is my oldest grandson, Sam. 'The THINKER.'

Faith is our little glamour Queen!

And Levi is a mixed bag of all things CUTE!!

While the boys played Lego's Faith helped me paint some frames for my bedroom.

Hot dogs for supper followed by roasted marshmallows,
chocolate covered graham crackers, popcorn, mint tea
then MORE popcorn!
Before Faith went to bed (MUCH later that night!) she asked,
 "Can we have more JUNK FOOD tomorrow?"
Of COURSE!!! You are at MiMi CAMP!!

We all sat out in the gazebo and cheered on the Mavericks!!!

Faith has SO much personality!!!!
Can you TELL???

She is also quite a photographer!
She took a lot of the pics!

Like this one!

Sam and Faith played a checker game that lasted OVER an hour!
They actually left it tied and finished it this morning.
Both of them are such great thinkers.
We were cheering the Checker Game along with the Mavericks on the radio!
Guess who won the Checkers?

This was the game as they left it last night.

Levi can play Checkers when he is six years old.
For now he plays with the marbles and Chinese Checkers!
Win! Win!!

After the game we took Lucy on a late night walk through the neighborhood.
The moon and stars were so pretty we laid a quilt out on the grass and just looked at the night sky.
Sam went right to sleep.
Faith and Granddaddy counted the cars who did or did NOT stop at the stop sign on the corner!
It was after midnight before Faith would give up and go to bed!
Once she sprinkled water in her eyes because they were falling shut!

I always leave snacks by the bed in their room in case they wake up hungry....
and a bottle of water!

They were all in the den this morning when I woke up - Granddad included - watching the Maverick win from last night. We listened to it on the radio live but had recorded it to watch later.
They were all so cute talking about the plays and the players and cheering!

I guess you can tell I am having fun!
We are off to the library now and the Mexican Market......maybe a stop at Centennial Park.
It's going to be another good day at MiMi Camp!


Deb said...

you need to take them to the new splash park at southwest park on shadygrove they will love it...

Texas Tales said...

what a great day!!! sounds like all of you are having fun, the kids are really cute!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Enjoy, Dear MiMi!


Flora said...

Oh what fun...mine are getting so big...I miss those days!!

Pondside said...

Is there a waiting list for Mimi Camp? I'd like to put my name on it!
Seriously, what a grand time those three are having. I hope that when m two grands are old enough that I'll be able to do the same thing. Meanwhile, I'm taking notes for fun activities.