Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Morning Routine.....

I love routine! I love the familiar way of doing things and the comfort of repetition. Even when I TIRE of routine and my schedule is interrupted by a trip or things happening out of the ordinary or illness is always a good feeling when 'normal' returns. Now I am so NOT a 'Morning Person'. I like to ease into the day. It is a blessing I never take for granted that I can wake up naturally nearly every morning. No alarm clocks. No deadlines. No work schedules.

Louis Dean usually gets up before I do and makes the coffee......
it is heavenly to wake up and smell the coffee!!! All hot and ready to pour!
I let Lucy out...her kennel is right by the computer so I turn that on......and join Louis Dean for that all delicious first cup of coffee! My grandson, Sam, calls it 'GOOD coffee!' and Levi says, 'A GOOD cuppa JOE!' Nothing quite as good as that first sip. We use two pots because I like the gourmet flavored kind and Louis Dean drinks what I call 'Truck Driver' coffee.....strong and stout!

Then we settle down in the den (now that it is cold and wintry! In good weather we are out in the gazebo!) for our morning reading time. For over 40 years I have maintained a morning quiet time and have kept the materials for my Bible reading, pens, note paper, journal, devotional, etc  in what I call 'My Bible Basket.'
The baskets have changed over time.....I remember a large one I had when Amber and Benjamin were little. I would carry it into their room and sit in the rocker while they were playing. I have been known to take it in the van with me and park someplace quiet while waiting for the kids at a piano lesson, or synchro practice, or tae kwon do class. Finding a quiet time is not so hard once it has become part and parcel of your very life.

Now with Louis Dean it is not always so quiet! I have to work around that! When we were first married I was working so I simply got up earlier and spent that time alone. We have evolved into spending it together.
The only book that is ALWAYS in my basket is the Bible. The others come and go. My journal is always there, too, and a good pen. Plus I have a little 'Prayer Bear' given to me by my grandchildren. He holds the weeks written prayer request. If I don't write it down I often forget to pray about it!

Every January I choose from my collection of devotional books and decide what I will read for that year. Many times we have chosen the One Year Bible and I often read Psalms and Proverbs through each month. This year we chose some Oswald Chambers materials as well as the study guides for whatever our Home Team from Fellowship church  is using. Right now it is 'Creative Marriage' by Ed Young.

Then we have a pleasure book we read from. We have read many books by Mark Twain, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Thyra Ferre Bjorn, Sterling North and are now reading some of Ralph Moody's. When Amber and Ben were growing up we would have lunch, play a game and then do out loud reading. Those are some of my most precious memories. I am grateful Louis Dean enjoys the reading of a good book as much as I do! The only difference is he only enjoys it if it is read TO him! No problem!

Lucy is right with us ALL.THE.TIME. Louis Dean has really been putting forth some effort to help her get over this FEAR she has of him! She was obviously abused by some man long before she was rescued by a friend of ours who in turn gave her to us. As long as LD is sitting down she is fine but once he stands up she goes berserk!

He is training her to SIT and that seems to take her mind off being afraid of him and barking like crazy!

I think it is WORKING!!!

I close this post with one of my favorite scriptures.....

Psalm 65:8
Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and evening to rejoice.


Texas Tales said...

You certainly sound like you're feeling better! That's great about Lucy, I'm happy you guys are all doing better together. :)

You've always enjoyed a routine and having a plan, something I think you successfully instilled into *all* your children. We are thinkers and doers, just like you!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love routine, as well. It is comforting, for sure. I do get up early, but love to sit in my chair with my tea and cereal, tv on and computer in my lap for at least an hour, before I start the day.
I am glad Lucy and LD are getting along better!

Dawn said...

You know, I love a routine, too. Something soothing about it. I love your red basket!

Linda said...

Sometimes, yucky tho it is, illness brings us a welcome pause. I've enjoyed the reflections you've shared with your readers as a result, and hope you're on the mend.