Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a GOOD thing he is HANDSOME!

OR I could title this post.....'You MIGHT be a Redneck......'

....if you use an old towel rack (I discarded from my bathroom remodel.....STILL in progress!)
to hang suspenders on!
This IS progress, however!
Before this he was using the floor!

Louis Dean's 'Music Room' is a room with it own personality and character
UN like any other room in the house!
He has adapted as well as can be expected to living in a 'highly occupied' home.
The past five and a half years have seen great improvement. I have actually WATCHED him close a cupboard door....once! I cherish that memory and hope to see him do a repeat performance someday.
His theory is....I'll just have to open it again!

The reason for this post is we bought two new chairs today.
He had a couple of small scale ones that were threadbare!
We stopped in at Salvation Army Thrift Store this afternoon and found two chairs made EXACTLY like his old ones! They had been recently reupholstered and were in great condition!


for BOTH!!! Great price and he loves them!
They 'sit well' and are comfortable when he is holding his musical instruments....

His room is all clean and tidy...for the moment!
I doubt this moment will last very long!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Hmmmmmm, Dan-o always says the papers can't hit the floor before I have them in the waste basket! You are a more patient woman than I. I would following our beloved LD around closing those cabinet doors! hehe

Luann said...

Congrates on the great find. It is always a good thing when our men are happy! and hey.. he is trying to make you happy too by finding a new home for the suspenders LOL we gotta luv um.

Gale said...

Hello! Your post made me smile. Thanks also for being the first to comment on my Aloha Friday post. Coincidentally, the reason I went back to California was to help someone move too (hmm..actually, it wasn't originally, but it became that when between making the trip and taking it we realized that dad was not going to be able to stay in the two story home (the one I had grown up in on the mountain). So it became a "help Dad move" trip.

Texas Tales said...

Cleaning up the music room is quite the undertaking, but I'm glad LD has a space of his own. Mike and I both smile to ourselves when we're home and see (or hear) him playing away in there. Music makes our souls sing...

Carla said...

Okay I'm the one in the family who leaves a door or drawer open. Can't explain why. Or I leave something laying somewhere instead of putting it away. David is Not OCD but everything does have a place or at least that's what he tells me. He's an engineer need I say more. I think he said it was cheaper to keep me than training someone new. Gotta Luv'em.
Thanks for sharing your life.

Dawn said...

What a great bargain! I look on craigslist every day for things I don't even know I need. :-D Right now I'm looking for a small oak dresser...