Monday, January 24, 2011

Being sick is no fun.......

This was Louis Dean last Friday.......and I suppose it was inevitable that I would be coming down with the same ailment within a couple of days! Saturday I felt badly but Louis Deans was sick in bed most of the day! Sunday morning I was full fledged SICK! I was in bed ALL day! By that time LD was feeling a little better and waited on me hand and foot......which was a good thing as I could not do much for myself.
My sister, Deanie, swears by the Netti Pot for head congestion. My bathroom is packed away in tubs sitting around the patio by our back bedroom door. I rummaged through them til I FOUND my Netti Pot and have been using it ever since! On Saturday afternoon I made up two casseroles.....

so we had some 'new food' to eat. When we eat leftovers or whatever we can find I call it-
'Every Man for Himself!'

I also managed to do a little craft project using pics from a calendar.
I just LOVE this!!

I have LOTS of things I want to do.....just no strength to do them.
Being sick humbles me and makes me more compassionate for those I pray for who are truly ill.

Louis Dean is outside working on something.
 (He is still sick but on the mend....he thinks it helps to move around a bit)

I ,on the other hand, intend to put on a warmer sweater and  work on my puzzle!

I may paint this later in the year for my Santa collection!

In listening to the weather from across the country......
it appears to be COLD and WINTERY all over!
Only fitting since this IS January, I suppose!

So where ever you are and whatever you're doing this cold January night.....
I hope you are staying WARM and HEALTHY!!


  1. i am glad you are feeling a little bit better, you and i don't do well with being sick!! :(

  2. I wish you well with each passing day. It is definitely not fun being seems everyone in Blogland has been coming down with colds and the flu since the holidays. You have managed to cook two fabulous looking meals and make that neat collage AND work on a puzzle. I am amazed by you!

    I hope you and Louis Dean stay well now. Enjoy your weather. It is 23 degrees here in Chicago...not half as bad as the Northeast. Thankfully.


  3. Glad you are feeling better! That stuff is bad...

  4. So sorry you're feeling poorly. Or 'nae weel', as we would say. Have a hot toddy!

  5. I'm glad your feeling better but don't over do it. A relapse is harder to get over.

  6. The Netti Pot does indeed cut down on the sick time. I use mine regular as well and swear by it now. always takes me a bit longer than most to jump on board but when i do??? Hope you are up and about quicker than a frog can jump

  7. The collage is wonderful. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!!