Monday, September 13, 2010

Neighbors, Friends and Mothers......

Stephanie and I have been friends, neighbors and second mothers to each other's children for nearly 25 years. I snapped this pic yesterday afternoon within hours of Markie I mean MARK leaving for California in order to report for the Marines Boot Camp early this morning. I have known Mark all his life and love him dearly! I am proud of him and have promised to pray for him each and every day.

I am fighting back the tears as I hug him goodbye. Why is it so hard to let the kids we have watched growing up GO? They can't stay children forever...I KNOW that! So why am I getting all emotional and sentimental with tears running down my face as I write this? Perhaps because my own son...just a few short months younger than in California as well....following his own life goals and dreams and doing very well at it! I AM truly happy our neighborhood children grew up so well.....Tara is a teacher in San Antonio...Mac is down in San Marcos at Texas State where Amber graduated. All the 'children'-ALL of them- are now grown and on their own life paths. However, sometimes I yearn for the 'old' days....when they would all be out playing in the neighborhood...the moms exchanging recipes and life seemed so much simpler....not that it actually WAS!  Anyway.....I am praying for Mark and the other young men I know serving our country in the different branches of service. I told Mark I ALWAYS think of him when I watch the TV program 'Bones.' To me Mark looks a lot like Sealy Booth! Can't YOU see the resemblance?


  1. Not everything in life is easy - and even though kids are grown and gone, it doesn't mean you don't miss them or feel all the emotions with come with their new ventures in life!! I love you mom!!

  2. He does look like the guy from Bones!

  3. I remeber vivadly the days that Jayme and Bryan left for boot camp. I saved every letter and savored the "thanks for the discipline Mom, I couldn't of made it threw here without that foundation". You know, words we doubt we will ever hear. LOL I miss my kids being young and at home too. Being a grannie isn't bad either.