Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Tea Towels!

I am SO in the mood for FALL! The temps here in North Texas are NOT cooperating! It remains 'summertime HOT' in the DFW area! However my heart is longing for FALL.....flannel sheets, sweaters, crunchy leaves underfoot, outdoor fireplaces and a CHILL in the air! Still WAITING........

Next to the Dollar Stores my favorite is Big Lots! Do y'all remember when it was McFrugal's??

Well, I shopped there for a bit today while Mother was getting her hair done. I bought this set of 5 woven 100% cotton tea towels.....or CUP towels ....or KITCHEN towels...or WHATEVER you want to call them in the prettiest FALL colors!! They were made in India....NOT USA...but STILL they were only $5! Not bad! And they LOOK so FALL!! Hopefully the weather will, too! Eventually!


  1. I remember McFrugal's - such an appropriate name. I am so ready for Fall: cooler temps, leaves rustling down the street, smell of fireplaces burning and the first batch of sugar plums - think we could make them with splenda?

  2. I bet we can give it a try! They make brown sugar substitute don't they? I remember seeing it....I have even had it in the pantry....THAT would work!

  3. Linda,
    Hope you get your cool down soon. It is suppose to be hot here on Tuesday, ugh! I love Big Lets. I go there alot!