Friday, January 5, 2018

The Last Few Days......

The first few days of this new month and year were on the slow side.
The pace picked up on Wednesday.

Louis Dean had his mandatory Medicare Wellness Check up and he was not happy about it.
Still, he came home smiling.
While neither one of us got around to getting our flu shot this year, they Physician's Assistant gave LD a pneumonia shot. As she was ready to plunge it in, she said, "Just relax your arm."
"It IS relaxed," he said.
 "OH!" she said.
Not bad for a 81 year old!!

Then we drove over to Quadville and swapped vehicles to bring the quads over.
Amber has been very ill since Saturdy - as in sick in bed and can't get up kind of ill! We had already planned on a Quad Wednesday and by keeping them overnight and into Thursday, this would give her some time to recover. 

As we were pulling out of the driveway, we asked them what they wanted to eat for lunch.
Hamburgers!!! Granddad's HOMEMADE hamburgers!
We stopped at the nearby Aldi and all four kids helped me shop for the fixings.
They were so good.
I received lots of compliments on them and their behaviour.
They were a big help and loaded the things into the cart.
The whole 'get a shopping cart for a quarter and return it for your money back' thing intrigued them.
Plus they have never shopped at Aldi to begin with so it was a different experience for them.
They loaded things IN the buggy and then were amazed when we were given a different buggy. 
Then they unloaded the stuff and I gave each child a ten cent plastic bag and they divided the purchases up. Chips and soft stuff went in one and so on. Logan and Harrison are the strongest so they put the heavy items in their bags. Then we pushed it all to the car, unloaded them, and returned the buggy. They all wanted to see how you got the quarter back so we did it over and over again.
Who knew going to the store could be so much FUN??

We had a late lunch since the quads had just finished breakfast when we picked them up.
That gave us all some free time. 
Louis Dean was watching the news in the den.
Harrison and Trystan were playing with some magnets in the living room.
Logan was coloring at the den game table.
Kailey was using markers on fabric squares in the sewing room.
I was in the kitchen doing some lunch prep.
All of a sudden Kailey whipped herself out of her chair at my sewing machine and whirled into the kitchen screaming, "MEEMAW!!!! There's a RAT in your house!!! He just came in!!!"
Good grief!!! Really?? I ran in there to look and just about that time something sailed over my head.
It was a bird. A small bird.

It flew into our bedroom. Bless its heart, it was scared.
It flew from one side of the room over to the closet doors - banging into the mirrors.
I was afraid it was going to hurt itself.

He flew into the guest room and that's when I went out to the gazebo and got the butterfly net.
He was on the side of a picture frame so I put the net over him and then wondered how I would get him down in it. No need. He perched right there on the side and I slowly carried him outside.
Still, he didn't get off the net. I even went in the house to get my iPad to take some photos and he stayed right there until I got back. 
We were beginning to wonder if he really was injured when he hopped off the net and then - bingo!
He flew right back into the house!
We had left the screen door open hoping he would fly out and didn't close it.

It was quite an adventure!

He did fly back out and we shut the door!!
It was a really cold day so I'm not sure why Kailey even opened the sewing room door except that she probably wanted to go out and visit the gazebo.

We ate our hamburger lunch in the den.

While I did the dishes, Granddad read How the Grinch Stole Christmas to the kids.

I had a good fire burning so we gathered up pillows and blankets and settled down to read and nap.
I read the last chapter of On the Banks of Plum Creek and then we read the first few chapters of By the Shores of Silver Lake. I think we started reading the Little House Books to the quads when they were about 2 years old. I'll have to go back and look. They - and WE - have enjoyed introducing them to Ma and Pa, Mary and Laura and Baby Carrie.....and Jack the brindle bull dog. He died in the last chapter of On the Banks of Plum Creek.

Since we had a late lunch and then took naps, it was dark when we woke up.
The kids were alarmed but I assured them we had plenty of time to play games and do things!
And we did!

I went out to get something out of the gazebo and heard water running.
A pipe had busted on the back pond.
Louis Dean to the rescue!
We have a cut off for the back water that allows us to keep the water on in the kitchen.
So he cut off the water and fixed the pipe but we couldn't turn the bathroom waters on until the next morning. I filled mop buckets up with water for flushing the toilets and we skipped baths.
I might say that a bucket full of water is HEAVY!

We all slept well. I leave water and snacks for the kids and they know to play quietly until everyone is awake. By 9:00 we were all up.

The kids dearly love hash browns and cinnamon rolls. 
The egg muffins (as seen on Facebook lately!) was not a hit.

Our next activity was to make Dilly Bits!

Now that's a sure fire hit with them and were made at their request!

We gathered our stuff up and left Granddad at home to rest. He wasn't feeling well.
We arrived back in Quadville in the late afternoon and Amber was still pretty sick.
The kids know the Rules of the House.
At home Mama and Dada rule.
At MeeMaw's - MeeMaw rules.
As a matter of fact - on Christmas Eve when we were about to do the gifts- and someone said "Mike's in charge," meaning he was the one to hand them all out,  Harrison - quick as a wink - said in a loud voice, "NO, he's NOT! In THIS house, MeeMaw's in charge!!!"
Well, since Amber was so sick, I told the kids - with her permission - that as long as I was there that day that I would remain in charge. Kids understand rules. Even exceptions.

We had a good time decorating the giant gingerbread men that Neighbor Stephanie gave them!
You can sure see each little personality in them.

Harrison and his dad went off that evening for some 'Guy Time.' Wise Mama and Dada!

Amber rallied long enough to do the girls nails.
This is Logan's. She took my phone and proceeded to take lots and lots of pictures.

This is my favorite one!
What a clever child.
Plus she made videos for me.
One of them she is telling me, "You can watch this anytime you want and you can see me."

Here's a short one I can share.
There's a lot of background talking because Harrison and his dad had just come home and we were in the next bedroom hearing all about their Guy Time.

She took several pics of me but this is the one most flattering!

I talked to Summer this evening and she is still in New York City.
Their flight home today was cancelled due to the snow storm.
She has paced herself and held up pretty well.
I'm so glad she was able to go!

Now THIS is the view I have had all day and I'm happy I have a pretty bedroom to look at.
Louis Dean and I are both sick.
He is coughing and hacking and gagging.
I have what feels like a head cold. 
I know I'm sick when I do not even want to get out of bed.
So I have just stayed here.
Louis Dean has stayed in the den and watched Gunsmoke.
Lots and lots of Gunsmoke. It's that or the news.
I'm really not feeling well and once I get better I hope to NOT hear either the news or Gunsmoke for awhile. I am even looking forward to the  blood and guts programs like Blue Bloods and NCIS!!!
Enough of Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty.
The novelty has worn off for me......or perhaps I am just feeling sick and tired.
That's it! I really am sick and tired.
So I bid you good night as I go back to bed!
Stay well and stay warm!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

We have been pretty sick as well. I was just put on antibiotics. The local hospitals are all FULL, and so are the doctors offices! I've always loved the spunky little wrens. One attacked me once when I got to close to her nest. You have done a wonderful job of posting the quads and their activities without actual faces. Very clever! Praying for a quick recovery for both of you! ONE degree here!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Rest and drink water and rest Linda. So sorry you both are not feeling well. Thanks for some sharing of activities. Hugs.

Bluebird49 said...

Yeah--like me, you are sick and tired of Matt and Miss Kitty! There is not an episode my husband has not seen in the first 20 years, or the last 10 years, at least! I'm glad to knit or work a crossword when he's watching that and college football. My knitting is getting real hard on my neck and shouldres, and eyes. Doubt I'll do much more...
I am glad to hear of your activities with quads! You are all blessed to have one another. 💕

Carol Slater said...

Sounds like the quads are very well behaved. I wish my 2 year old grand doll would let me read those kinds of stories to her. We have to have something with pictures and she rarely stops moving. Nap time is out of the question most days and so I am trying to find a way to get an hour a day that I have a minute to breathe.

Bernice said...

Praying you LD and Amber,feel better soon, and the Quads stay healthy. Dh and I are still feeling the remnants after a month and we both got the flu shot��
Love reading about your time with the Quads��

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was so very nice you could help out and watch the quads but it does sound as if you caught the cold going around. I had a good laugh over the fun had with the quarter at Aldi's and the little wren too. Stay comfy and warm and get well soon !

Sandra said...

I am thinking both of you have what Amber has had and i do hope those precious kids don't get sick with it. Logans voice is adorable as are her photos and videos. you have had one adventure after another so take your sick down time to rest. soooo sorry you are both ill at the same time... there was a really sick man in Walmart today and i was fussing in my head about him spreading germs, when it occurred to me he probably lives alone and had to shop sick. this time of year i try to stay out of people contact and out of public places but with bob and i going to doc visits and eye visits we have to visit the germ filled offices... i did not know about the quarter for a basket and now i wonder how it is done. next time take photos and show me

Anonymous said...

you really know how to show the kids a good time they are so lucky to have you and your hubby. I'm so sorry to hear you are sick, its sure going around,, I laughed when you said that photo of you was the best, you silly goose lol,, you are a beauty,, and such a beautiful smile! Your house is so beautiful and comfy at the same time,, many houses are beautiful but not so many are comfy and beautiful,, you do it perfectly!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

Feel better soon, Linda and Louis Dean. ( I share your thoughts about was my Dad's favorite show.)

Vee said...

Feel better, Dear Ones. Lying low sounds like a wonderful plan. Praying that the children remain vertical and that Amber is on the mend. That was wild about the bird coming in. A great children’s book subject...The Bird Who Came in from The Cold...😉 to borrow a title.

Debby said...

Oh I have missed your stories.
That bird thought he died and went to Heaven in your house. He didn't want to leave.
I want to be a quad and have you for a Grammy. You have so much fun.
Sorry you are both sick and your poor daughter. Everyone is so sick. No place to even get medical help. I've never seen it this bad. Feel better.

Susie said...

Linda, I pray all of you get well soon. It's sad when everyone is sick. I know it's hard for Amber, what with young ones to tend to. I know what you mean about gunsmoke. LOL. I was tired of those old westerns that Ted and I watched too. But I will watch again with him. I loved seeing he picture of the bird. So sweet. Made me laugh about it being called a rat...Kailey must have just caught a glimpse of it. Love the nails. The stories with the children is special times. The making of the dilly bits too. Blessings and hugs to everyone. love you guys, xoxo, Susie

BeachGypsy said...

Enjoyed this post and just catching up with you and what all y'all have been up to. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit under the weather tho and hope you are 100% feeling better by the end of the weekend! Rest, get underneath a nice big warm blanket, drink tea, sip soup, read a good good book or watch good happy movies, stay WARM and you should be better soon.

Juju said...

That must have been quite a struggle to get the bird out. I hope you're feeling better by the way.

Andrea said...

Awwww... I pray you feel better soon, Linda. It's certainly no fun feeling under the weather! Next time you get a bird inside, shut all the curtains, turn out all the lights, and just have the sliding glass door open. The idea being just have one "beacon of light" showing in the darkness. The bird will go toward it... and out! :) And I prefer Gunsmoke over news any day of the week! I've stopped watching the news and stopped reading it online. In my case ignorance is definitely bliss... and peace-of-mind. xoxoxo

Carole said...

Sorry you're not well. Great to catch up with the quads doings. I'm sending you some warmth from our summer. Not to rub it in but we are swimming every day... Get well really soon! Cheers

Carole said...

Forgot to mention that I get quite anxious when birds fly inside - lucky your one didn't bash himself. I think my 'phobia' stems from one time a seagull came down the chimney when I was small and smashed vases and things....

Nancy Chan said...

Very entertaining to read about your activities with the quads. I don't know when I will have grand kids of my own. Lol! I am also not feeling well, having very bad cough too!