Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Dinner Party for Four - Glamping Style!

It's been a cold blustery winter day!
While it started off fairly warm, a cold front moved in and the winds started howling and the temps started falling! We have stayed inside the camper!!

Our view from the camper window. Brrrrr. 

I started not to share my whole 'horrible sleepless night' saga and then I decided - why not??
It ended up being pretty funny, however, it took me until late this afternoon to find the humor in it!

I first shared a more elaborate and detailed version of this with my friend, Sandra - aka The Mad Snapper. Then I condensed it and shared the above message with Amber when she innocently asked how we were doing. By the way - I don't think she ever responded back! Hahaha! What could she say??
I promise you that stainless steel bowl and the big metal spoon sounded just like a fire alarm going off!!
We both ended up sleeping until nearly noon!

Okay, enough of my ranting and raving!
We really did have some fun with this today.

So - it was too cold to do any work outside or even in the new room.
Louis Dean did manage to close up the space around the big white door and window.
The wind is still whipping in from the top of the door to the roof and it wasn't safe for Louis Dean to try and cut a piece and climb up on a ladder to nail it up in this wind. Hopefully he can do that tomorrow.

I meant to do some housework in the new room but it was too cold to vacuum. So I didn't.
I meant to start writing on my book today but even that didn't happen. Tomorrow!
It was too cold to go down and visit the critters - though I do have a bit of sad news.
Sherry's beloved and beautiful peacock died last week. They don't know why.
It is a devastating loss. The peacock was Sherry's favorite.

The only thing left to do on this wintry day was to have a Dinner Party!!!

I sent this to Sherry in the early afternoon.
We all had a great time together!
Normally we do share a few meals together when we are down here but this was our first opportunity to catch up with all that's been going on.
They were late coming home from Karate class last night and Louis Dean had already gone to bed.

I opened the bottle of German spiced mulled wine and heated it up by the cup.
It did feel good after coming in from the cold.

I set out some appetizers......

and we helped ourselves while the rest of the dinner cooked.

It's a trick to cook in the camper.
I started earlier in the afternoon and used the propane stove in the camper, the electric toaster oven and the two burner hot plate in the new room.
Good old plain home cooking.

We visited long over the meal.
Dean and Sherry was so  special to us and we have really missed them.
They have such generous giving hearts and are always blessing other people.
I told them about my upcoming sibling trip and how I was going to see about renting a wheelchair for our brother as Deanie had done last year when we were in San Antonio.
Sherry made a quiet phone call to her parents and we now have a wheelchair for that weekend.
While Sherry was talking on the phone, Dean was telling me he has a friend that would loan us his wheelchair. They are like that. Always trying to find a way to meet some one's need.
Not to mention their generosity and hospitality in allowing us to not only keep our camper here - but they have encouraged us to put down roots!

None of us have any big plans for this weekend. 
Just try to stay warm and we will see what happens.
It will remain cold for a few days but hopefully the wind will die down.
That's what is making this weather really bad!
Our camper is shaking and shuddering!

In other news.....I have so enjoyed spending some good bonding time with Rayne.
It will be hard to see her return to their home in Puerto Rico soon.
We talk and/or Facetime frequently and that will continue even when she is on the island.
Still, we have become very attached to her and I am treasuring every single moment and conversation with her.

This photo is from Summer showing Rayne playing after doing her homework and dinner.

She is an exceptional little girl and I love her dearly.
When we talk or Facetime, we always close with a 'Facebook Poke!' to end the call.
We take turns.

Rayne made dinner for them last night and placed the shrimp to look like hearts!

The following video came up in My Memories on Facebook and I was trying to find a way to save it and put it on YouTube.
Alas, this link will have to do!

Louis Dean is already asleep in bed and I am about to climb into the girl bunk.
He went to bed with a full stomach but - just in case - I think I will set out a container of Cheerios and a PLASTIC bowl!

Just so you know.....
I love Louis Dean and I am only teasing (mostly) about his waking me up.

While I have been writing this song came to my mind.
You know, we must treasure every day we have with our beloved.


Ginny Hartzler said...

The video of Rayne as a baby is priceless! There are few things more wonderful then the chuckling of a baby. You must have been doing something to make her laugh so hard. Oh my, the cereal incident would be so funny, except it is NOT fun to lose sleep. I cannot figure out how you can cook so many dishes at a meal!! Now, I can barely make two things at once without burning something. You cooked at least five hot dishes! I hope the wind dies down and some work can be done tomorrow.

Linda said...

Even in Oregon I can feel that cold Texas wind. January and February do bring cold surprises. It will soon be time for the Stock Show and likely you’ll have ice during that time. That looks like some mighty good Southern cooking. Good you have Sherry & Dean to share these cold days.

Bluebird49 said...

It is unseasonably warm here in VA, and next wknd, will be below freezing again! I'm sorry about Sherry's pet peacock.
The rain that has come in brought winds with it--so we're all having strange weather, huh!
I believe I would have asked Sherry to take the stainless steel bowl home with her too you got ready to come home! 😁
You all stay safe and warm-- Rayne is precious!

BeachGypsy said...

Hide that noisy stainless steel bowl!! ha ha LOL that supper you cooked looks so delicious, a true country supper, the best kind. Stay warm and cozy from the cold wind and hopefully it will be warming up soon for y'all! Sorry sherry lost her peacock, that is sad.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry it turned cold for you there and hope it warms up soon. Since there was little you could do, it was nice you could cook and I'm sure it was appreciated. I know you are going to miss your granddaughter and hope everything works out so she can go home. I've heard that repairs have been slowly being made, but far from normal there. Like you there are no big plans for my weekend but staying in and keeping warm.

NanaDiana said...

Awww...look at that Rayne!!! What a cutie pie she was at that ae!

It is wonderful to have friends like that, Linda. They are precious and few and far between for some people. You are blessed but I bet you are a blessing to them, too.

It will be wonderful when LD has your room 'finished' so that you can use it when the weather is nice.

Praying you have a good, blessed, WARM weekend- xo Diana

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh I had to laugh about the mixing bowl and spoon. It made me cringe here in Alabama. Like yall are experiencing, it is getting colder here as well. We expect some freezing rain today so schools are cancelled. Enjoy your time with Miss Rayne...thank Goodness for FaceTime.

Susie said...

Linda, I know while the night eating was taking place, it was not funny...but this morning you gave me such a laugh. :):) I will tell you a story of my parents. While eating with friends, mommy stated telling this story of daddy waking her when she really wanted to sleep. She said he was cracking eggs for his breakfast. Our friend said, "Cracking eggs? Were they dinosaur eggs ,for heaven sakes?" Well that was enough to make us all laugh and mom was not near so angry with dad. :):)
I am so sorry about Sherry's peacock. I can understand why she would be sad. Her special pet.
Hope it warms up for you...we are into the snow part of our ice, sleet, rain, snow storm. LOL It will snow till about 5 or 6, this evening. Stay warm there. Blessings and hugs to all. Love you guys, xoxo, Susie
p.s Rayne is a sweetie pie.

Debby said...

Your home sweet cozy home away from home. Your dinner party sounded perfect. So sad about the peacock. I know you love your Louis Dean.
Your granddaughter is a cutie. I hope going home will be okay for her.

Deanna Rabe said...

Dean and Sherry are my kind of people! Don’t you just love people with a generous spirit!?

You might not be getting much work done but you are getting rest and time together!

I know you’ll miss sweet Rayne. I’m so thankful for FaceTime, too!

Vee said...

I loved the stainless steel cereal bowl meets the spoon story. Must’ve sounded awful in the middle of the night. 😖 Glad that you are laughing about it now! These are the things that make life fun.

jamarson1 said...

Who knew a bowl of cereal would cause a sleepless night lol. Have a wonderful trip in the country:)

Juju said...

I sympathise with you Linda. It's not easy sleeping with a racket! Lol.