Sunday, January 21, 2018

Our Country Weekend - Critter Duty!

Saturday was our first full day to do both morning and evening chores.
It's so peaceful here.

I went up to admire the tank and listen to the country sounds before letting the ducks out.

I think duck duty is my favorite chore.
It's like having 24 pet ducks.

Gathering the eggs is also a treat.
We have been having them for breakfast.
Next week I am going to make Louis Dean a big banana pudding.

Saturday, Louis Dean went to town by himself.
The part he used to fix the water pipe on Friday was leaking ever so slightly so he bout a new compression coupling.

I stayed at the camper and restored order to the new room. 
I don't know how it happened but it was piled high with all sorts of tools and supplies and was in a real mess.

I blocked the wind with louvered doors and a stack of tubs.
I moved all the debris to the far end of the room and will help him sort and organize them better so when he's working on the bathroom he won't waste time looking for his tools.

It was all neat and tidy when he got back home and he said 'thank you' over and over again.
I'm good at cleaning and organizing and he's good at building and fixing things.
Win! WIN!! We make a good team.
All that digging was beginning to take a toll on him so it was an early to bed night for us.

This Sunday morning had rain in the forecast but we woke up to dry ground and gray skies.
Good news since we needed to get down there and do critter chores.

The little banty eggs are so cute.
Dean is learning how to make pickled eggs with them. 
I'll save these for him.

Everyone was hungry today!

The horses were all three up by the gate when I went down to begin feeding.
It wasn't long before they showed up.

I gave them some apples and oats.

This guy was the last one to arrive but I made sure he got his fair share.

The colors of the chickens and roosters are so pretty!

We came back to the camper and did our Bible reading in the new room before going back down to Dean and Sherry's house to take showers and shampoo my hair. I will be so happy when we get the water heater in and the plumbing all worked out and can take hot showers right here!

That's when the showers started.

Perfect sleeping weather and Louis Dean took a nice long nap while I did some writing and tucked myself into the girl bunk to read.

Around 5:00 is the magic moment when the ducks are ready to come in.
I rode my bike down and - sure enough - I could hear them honking up on the big tank.
I filled a coffee can with cracked corn and by the time I got to their pen, they were marching in like little soldiers! The chickens weren't all in their hen houses yet so I decided I would walk back down an hour or so later and then close up the doors.

I had just got in the room when the real storm arrived!!

Lightning and thunder and high winds!

No way I was going to be able to ride my bike now.

I remember how awful the mud was before we had the driveway put in!

It's absolutely amazing how fast the rain came down and the place filled up with water!!
I still had to go down and close the hen houses.

Louis Dean was going to do it but I could get down there and back before he even got his mud boots on! Besides, there's so many things that only he can do that I try to do the smaller chores than I'm able to handle. I look like a real country girl with my pajama pants and t-shirt - but I am wearing my Coach mud boots!

The storm has passed and all is well here.
I love my little tree!
I packed away the colored lights and replaced them with white ones.
I keep a tree up in the den at home year round so now I will keep this one up here.
We ate some of our leftovers for supper. I dearly love that Louis Dean will eat leftovers!
I don't like wasting food.

It's a little after 8:00 and we have decided to call it another early to bed night.
I'm going to make us each a cup of hot chocolate and we will take it out to the room and have what Louis Dean calls 'Our Boston Legal Moment.'
We have been watching the first season of that show again and the closing is our favorite part.

This has been our second weekend here and we will have another one before we go back home at the end of the month.


I do love the country!


jamarson1 said...

The Horses are gorgeous!

Linda said...

Your writing is wonderful. If the ranch is where you write best then you should spend as much time there as possible. Personally, I’m beginning to see I’m not a country girl. I don’t like the weather too hot, too cold, or too wet. I’m not thrilled about red, white, and blue toilets using kitty litter, nor do I think I would enjoy going down the road to shower. I guess once through that life was enough for me. These days I enjoy plumbing that works, and calling maintenance to dig ditches and make repairs. It would seem I’ve gotten lazy. I do enjoy seeing and hearing the ducks and I always enjoy goats. Cows, not so much.

Ginny Hartzler said...

You are a real trouper to go back out in the rain! But it had to be done. Those eggs look so good! Do the banty eggs taste the same as the chicken eggs? I would not like peeling those tiny eggs, so I would fry, omelet, or scramble them. The black & white horse is still my favorite, he is so beautiful and unusual. I have never seen a horse like him. And yes, the chickens have a very pretty pattern. Gosh that rain came fast and hard!!! It looks like you have a tiny red refrigerator!

Blondie's Journal said...

The heartwarming adventures of you and LD! I smile every time I come to your blog, Linda. You are a great story teller and I love that you are living such a fun and devoted life to all that you love.

Send some of those eggs this way!


Bluebird49 said...

It's so good Louis will eat leftovers! I will eat them, or use them some other way--I like leftovers. Hubby doesn't, but he's more easy to please these days than when he was younger! ☺
I am trying hard to eat more veggies, fruit and lean meats, plus less salt and sugar. I need to lose some weight, and with the cane, I can't move fast. Wish I could get up in that bicycle and go.
I'll be glad when you have not water and the bathroom, but I know Dean and Sherry don't mind you using their's. They're so gracious!!
Have a lovely week. 💗

Susie said...

Linda, You amaze me getting things in order so quickly. I will tell you how that room got all messy...shh his name is LD...I can tell how I know this, because when Ted is working on things, I accuse him of bring every tool he owns to the job. LOL. Once he had all four drill motors out, I said "seriously?" LOL. Love our working boys though, don't you?
Oh I hate to waste food too. We eat left overs too. I rework some things. Always save veggies for soup. Blessings to you country kids. Stay safe . Love you, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

you look so adorable in your 'muck about' boots and clothes. lots of wading going on to do your chores. i am thinking there will be no grilling for a few days.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a blessing to have someone to share your life with like you two do. And so nice you can help out and do the critter duty. They are creatures of habit and know when it's time to eat and sleep too. I haven't had any farm days since I was a child and spent many days on my grandparents farm. It was a simple life but some of the happiest days of my life. It's also one job that doesn't allow for much time away with out help like yours.

Changes in the wind said...

Those mud boots were too cute. So glad you can have this time in the country and love sleeping in the rain.

NanaDiana said...

You two are really a well-matched couple. God knew what He was doing when he paired you two up! I still can't believe how much LD can do at his age and you are a whirlwind right behind him. lol

Hopefully, you will get your water heater soon and get all your projects finished so you can relax a bit.

Have a wonderful week. xo Diana

Debbie said...

you talk about "chores" but describe them as fun!! the eggs are beautiful! i have always wanted to have chickens, the yolks in the frypan are like nothing you can buy in a store!!

i am not surprised you turn in early. early to bed, early to rise...lot's to do, it is a country thing!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me! Relaxing, with some work, lots of reading, your hubby there. What more could a person want?

Arlene Grimm said...

We just got home, unpacked and now I am commenting on blogs I read while at Grimmwood. I just cannot comment well on my phone. I much prefer my laptop. Every time it seems it gets harder to leave. I love my country home.

Carole said...

I'm right with you about leftovers. Often I pre plan what I'll do with them and make enough. Enjoy the mud!