Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Visit to Quadville and I CAUGHT That Possum!!!

Louis Dean and I worked so hard the last couple of days that we decided to take it easier on this one!
We spent a leisurely morning before setting off in early afternoon to run a few errands.
I delivered a trunk load of things to Goodwill, picked up our prescriptions and we grabbed a bite to eat at Wendy's before heading over to Quadville. It had been 11 days since we last saw them so we were due for a visit!

Louis Dean dropped me off in time to go with Amber to do the school pick up while he went on to Home Depot to get a few things for his building project.

Aren't they cute?

I think Granddad insisted on doing his errand just so he could make his own grand entrance!

He wore his boots and hat and Trystan said he looks just like a COWBOY!!

Amber had to take Kailey to get her ears checked so we stayed in Quadville with the other three.

I took treats (Miss Debbie) and a craft - stamp art!
I bought 2 boxes of stamps at the city wide garage sale in Mart last weekend for $0.50 a box.

We chatted a bit .....Harrison and I....

He is SO charming!!!
And already engaged!

When I asked him what would be on top of the wedding cake, he said, "Us."
That's the bride and groom....

It rained on us on the way home from school but cleared up in time for T-Ball practice.

They play so much better now!! ALL of the kids on the team.....but especially Trystan!
Who knew??? That little Twinkle Toes would be such an athlete? She stays totally engaged with the game or practice and never once strays from the field or becomes distracted.

Granddad!! In all his glory!!!

I will be away on Mother's Day and once your children are married and have children....
it's harder to get together. Amber and I have to grab whatever time we can get.
Guess who took our picture?

Trystan! But it was AFTER the game!

I saw Summer yesterday and Amber today!
I am so proud of them and the mothers that THEY are!

As I sat in here blogging, I had turned most of the lights out and it was really quiet so I could hear if that critter  possum was in here. We THOUGHT he may have gone out last night but I discovered fresh 'evidence' this morning that he had stayed in.

Louis Dean had set the trap and I put a Stella D'Oro Breakfast Bar in there since I knew he really liked them.....having eaten 2 or 3 of them that I had left out.
I heard him IN the trap but he hadn't stepped on where the end would I slammed it down myself!!

NOW I am off to bed with the certain knowledge that I have no overnight guests!
At least I hope I don't.
Wonder if that guy had any siblings?
Here's hoping he was a 'singleton!'


  1. You are a trapper extraordinaire! How far away will you take him? I know with chipmunks it has to be 25 miles away, or else they will return. How was he getting in, anyway? I LOVE the picture of you, Amber, and the Quads!!! Louis Dean is now a sharp dressed man, and a proper cowboy!

  2. Perish the thought this possum was a quad and they stuck close together. Surely there's only one. Have you seen the mother this year? You mentioned in an earlier post you were seriously thinking of cutting your hair short again. Not that my opinion counts but I really liked your hair short. Very cute and perky. Well how about that Trystan. She's not a porcelain doll after all.

  3. You know I love them all...but Ed and have laughed tonight about Harrison's wedding and WORK WORK WORK plans.My lord, he is so CUTE!
    Ed said, "He doesn't know---he gets married and He WILL WORK!"
    I see his dad has been talking to him! we've listened to it 4 times and can't stop laughing. He has my heart, as they all do! You have made my night now!
    When Ginny Hartzler said a sharp dressed man--I could only think of ZZ Top and those long beards!lol I've GOT to go to sleep--early doc appt. tomorrow..uh, today....

  4. Harrison has it all figured out. Little Nora (is it?) must be a special gal. Yay for Trystan loving baseball! Louis Dean makes a terrific cowboy! Happy Trails, folks. I think you're heading back to the ranch soon.

  5. Linda, Some times I am shocked when I look at the they how grown. All as cute as can be too. You know granddad gets all those precious hugs. :):)You did raise some beautiful mommies. I love that about my girls too. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you, Susie
    p.s. Happy Mother's day.

  6. That possum gives me hives! How in the world did he get in? I would be paranoid! The quads are adorable, as always. I'm sure it's fun to observe each one individually...their likes, dislikes, etc. I loved your hair short!! I can't stand for the back of mine to be on my neck. :) So neat that you could see both girls! How is Summer doing? I think of her often, especially when my back hurts!


  7. Those quads are darling! Harrison engaged!

    Happy Mother's Day to you and your girls!

  8. What a hunter you are:) Glad you were able to spend time with your family and Trystan took a great picture of the two of you.

  9. still smiling over the little rascal ad does Norma know she is engaged and going to stand on the cake?? love it and love your 'cowboy'

  10. Happy Mother's Day to you and to your daughters too! As always, the quads are so adorable and fun. What a happy family!

  11. A breakfast bar eating possum! At least you knew what kind of food to set the trap with

  12. those kids are the sweetest!! and i know all about those grand entrances, i may have snuck in a few of those myself!!!

    i'm glad you got the possum!!!

    happy mothers day!!!

  13. It's so interesting that you like possums. Here they are regarded as about the worst pests because they destroy our native trees and spread disease! Have a nice weekend. Cheers from carole's chatter

  14. I will start saving up for a hat for Harrison's wedding! Super-cute! I hope Mr Possum finds new lodgings soon. That would give me the heeby-geebies. X