Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quilts for TRIPLETS! Done!

A 'little girl' I have known since she was two years old is having triplets any day now!
She is really not a 'little girl' anymore but an awesome young lady.
Her mother and I have been friends for a LONG time!!

I wanted each quilt to be different.

This was the first one I made. Black and white denim squares with a solid black quilted fabric backing. Thanks to my sister, Deanie, for the BOLT she gave me! I am finding all sorts of ways to use it! I did the binding on this one with strips of white denim. Then I simply tacked it here and there to hold the layers together.

Even though this is the sturdiest quilt - it is for a girl!
I appliqued a few hearts here and there and added a pocket for her to store her pacifier!!

Another 'girl' quilt with a bit of country charm. The top and bottom rows I made from the 'farm' squares - and then simply sewed right sides together and left an opening for turning inside out. Then I machine stitched around the entire quilt.

I love the farm fabric. It used to be a broomstick skirt I wore back in the day.
Those broomstick skirts have YARDS of fabric!!
I used the last of my squares in this quilt.

The third and last quilt for the triplets is for the boy!
Solid denim squares with a green sheet used for the backing.
This one I sandwiched together.....backing, batting and then top.
I machine stitched 'in the ditch' from the center out to the edge.
Then again center to OTHER edge and did the same  in the each direction.
To finish I folded the backing to the front creating a nice border.
I stitched along the edge and mitered the corners.

I always add a pocket somewhere on the denim quilts.
This square had a loose edge I noticed in the photo so I went back and
'mended' it!

They are DONE!! They all turned out to be a little different in size!
These should last a long time and can later be used for picnics and TV watching.

Moving on to the QUADS now!!

Louis Dean and I have enjoyed the mild Texas winter we are having. He has been 'playing outside' a lot lately. Making a storage space for the things he is currently storing in the camper. We will be ready to tackle THAT job in another week or two.
We start our days off with coffee in the den and read. This year we are reading through the Old Testament.  'The Comanches - Lords of the South Plains' by Ernest Wallace and E. Adamson Hoebel is our 'out loud' reading book right now. LD likes this one since he is a card carrying authentic Native American.
Afterwards we head to our projects - joining back up for a late lunch and perhaps a little TV. I love the DVR where we can watch - AND pause - programs at our own pace and time. Then more 'project' time until we meet up again for an evening glass of wine in the gazebo. Somehow we always end up on the driveway where we can see the stars and let Lucy roam about the yard. We are LOVING these winter nights. They are so mild we can sleep with the back door open.

It is already on the late side for dinner but I am going to make a light salad for us before we head to bed. That's the beauty of retirement! You can stay up late and sleep in the next day! Louis Dean and I are neither one 'Morning People' so this suits us just fine!!!

"I always write 'Wake up' on my To-Do- List so I can at least accomplish one thing a day."


Sweet Tea said...

Babies, and then more sweet babies - and they'll all have beautiful quilts to snug into, compliments of you. Great job, Linda!
I enjoyed hearing your daily routine which sounds wonderful. Be careful leaving that back door open at night though or you might just find an unwanted visitor like I found. Yikes!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

They will use them forever. Love in a quilt.

Angie said...

Those quilts are just beautiful Linda! I'm sure the babies will get a ton of use out of them. I always loved getting handmade quilts for my baby showers & for gifts after the babies were born. There just so very special.

I love your & LD's routine. Although I am so very much enjoying my time with my children, I'm also looking forward to enjoying retirement & time with the hubby at some point in our lives.

Have a beautiful weekend friend!

Pondside said...

I'm looking forward to the day when I can spend as much time as I want with my husband and on our various projects, like you and LD.
The quilts are sweet - what a lovely gift for the new mum.

Tink's Tinkerings said...

adorable , I have material waiting to be made into quilts, old jeans velvet etc,, you inspire me to get with it :)

darlin said...

The quilts are such a wonderful gift, I find that denim quilts are so warm and they last forever. They're well worth the time and effort put in to them.

Your days sound divine, a man who loves you and whom you love in return, and a nice steady pace of doing what your heart leads you to do. What more could a lady want... other than a clean and organized camper? ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend Linda!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Precious.... Just precious.

And now, on to your own Quads!!!


Yes, 'tis lovely to be able to do-as-we-wish, in our *Olden* days. A valid perk, of growing older. And we gotta' pay attention to alllllllll the perks of this time! "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzz! :-)

"January is a stretch of peace
when one lives in the moment,
forced by weather and whim to
sit still and do some accounting."

~Catherine Calvert

d e l i g h t said...

Your quilts are very very nice! Love the pocket idea.

Deb said...

the quilts turned out so sure get alot done every day...

Kelly said...

You did such a good job on those quilts. I love that you were able to use old clothing to make them too. Afterall, that is the origin of quilts, isn't it? Your friend is going to love those so much.

Texas Tales said...

Those are adorable, they turned out perfect!! My turn, my turn!! :)

Vee said...

Oh that was just practice for the quads! Triplets? Quads? It's all pretty amazing. Love the quilts.

And I like that you and your hubby read together. I'd like to get back to that again.

Marie LeJeune said...

Those are so adorable! you did such a great job and you using your stash of denim i see!! I love reading your blog posts! Mary will love these quilts and treasure them for years.

Carla said...

Babies they're everywhere! I went to my first baby shower in say 9 years. You're a busy little grandma. Gonna get even busier. LOL