Monday, January 9, 2012

Karate Country!

Saturday morning Louis Dean and I were headed down Interstate 35 early enough to see the sunrise! That doesn't happen very often! We had Lucy with us so we did not have to go home until we were ready!

Louis Dean's son is an expert in Karate and was having a testing in Mart, Texas where he lives.

Now I know next to nothing about Karate. My son is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do....
but I don't know anything about that either. One of the mothers at the testing told me that Tae Kwon Do is Korean and Karate is Japanese. All I know is that my step son is known the world over for his expertise in martial arts.

Louis Dean was also a black belt in Karate but he will be quick to tell you he was only in it because of his family. They all LOVED Karate and Louis Dean loved THEM!
His wife, Ellen, is legendary. She was tiny - 5' 2" and 110 pounds! But she was magnificent. While I never knew Ellen - I do admire the woman I have come to know through all I have heard about her.

Louis Dean enjoyed watching the sparring and competition.

After the awards ceremony Louis Dean made a presentation of Ellen's favorite GI and her belt to their son. He wanted to honor both mother and son.

Dean told the story of how his mother made black belt before he did and of her impromptu speech when he was receiving a big honor for his achievements - she said,
"Of course you know I will  ALWAYS out rank him!!" After a pause she said,
"Once you change some one's diapers - you'll ALWAYS out rank 'em!"
There were other memories shared on this special day.
All of the officials in the testing knew, loved and remembers Ellen Chapman!

After the Karate part was over we all drove out to Dean's property where they hosted a big hot dog cook out! Everyone continued to swap stories all afternoon.

We ate.....and ate.......
visited.......told stories.......

It was a work afternoon at the camp.
We gathered wood from felled trees they are clearing.

This is going to be one BIG bonfire in April when Dean hosts the spring Karate Camp.

Dean and Sherry have over 43 acres and this is just one of many scenic spots!

We had a late evening bonfire with the brush gathered from around the pond.
Next time I will bring marshmallows!

We all got a kick out of Sherry's t-shirt!
She is a totally AWESOME lady!
(I THINK she was only kidding about the tractor! She already has one!)

Lots of inspiration for future art projects abound at their place!

All too soon the day was drawing to a close.

Time for one last fire to grill up the remaining hot dogs.
True to karate form - this fire pit was built from the cement blocks students broke in testing.

We had a great day out in Karate Country!
Can't wait to go back!!


  1. A lovely day indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didn't know that your husband was so talented!! I think it's nice that everyone is still keeping karate alive in the family. My oldest son did Aikido for a few years (which is Japanese). Once he started driving and dating, it fell to the wayside, unfortunately. I wish he had kept it up because he was very good at it. He is small framed and slender so he's the perfect build for it. Hanging out around that giant bonfire must've been fun!

  3. sounds like a fun awesome Mom and brother did karate for daughter did it until they wanted her to interferred with her dance...and dance is in her heart...

  4. Anika did karate for a few years and really seemed to enjoy it but the classes didn't make it long in our small community. It seems that things like that come here for a bit but soon fizzle out. That is one of the draw backs of country living I suppose. Looks like you all had a fabulous day in karate country. What special memories.

  5. How cool is that?! What a great day and wonderful to spend time with your family. That's the joy of combined families...there are more people to love!

  6. I love the wonderful relationship you have, with LD's family. And the wonderful way you deal with his former marriage. 'Deal' with isn't the way to say it. But you have everything-figured-out, that's for sure.

    Lucky you and lucky LD.!

    And what a wonderful day that must have been.

    "The night was clear and frosty,
    all ebony of shadow
    and silver of snowy slope;
    big stars were shining over the silent fields."

    ~Lucy Maud Montgomery

  7. an action packed day for sure. i know zero about all things martial and i would never trade my husband for a tractor but i do have a few girlfriends that would.

    i really like the picture of you!!

    have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Your blog is looking very pretty, Linda.
    What an interesting and fun day! I loved the sentiment of the special presentation. It was nice to meet Louis Dean's family.

  9. When will they have another meeting or a class? I have. 9 yr old an a 11 yr old step son that would love it!! I had been wishing someone would have a class close by! I sure wish I had know about that one! I moved to Kosse so I don't hear everything that is going on, I still have a lot of family there still, ill have to make sure they watch out for any event! An I loved the way you told your story I almost felt as if I was there!! Great narrating!!!