Friday, March 18, 2011

Our Do It Yourself Adventures.....Red Neck Style!!

Louis Dean and I have a very unique lifestyle! Part class, part hillbilly, part country, part pioneer, part red neck. The Red Neck part seemed to come into play the most today! We did not have to get up and head to Fort Worth as we usually do on Friday mornings to take my mother to the beauty shop. On her Perm/Color days my sister, Deanie, sees that she gets there. SO......since I have been yearning for my bathroom remodel to move forward (since we started this in OCTOBER, remember??) we decided to devote the whole day to
Get 'R DONE!
Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, Love! You know how THAT goes! We had coffee in the gazebo and made it a shorter 'sit and stupor' kind of morning. Louis Dean proceeded to gather up his materials and tools for whatever he needed to do to prepare for putting up that all important first piece of Sheetrock! (I think it had to do with plumbing since he turned the water off!) While HE did THAT.....I proceeded to paint the first coat of white on my bathroom well as take out the trash, feed and water the dog, make beds, vacuum and do the dozens of small but necessary tasks that need to be done each and every day just to keep a home running rather smoothly!

I fried potatoes and onions together for lunch....
I never fail to think of my younger son, Ben, when I cook this. When he was a teenager I would keep boiled potatoes in the fridge ready for frying. He LOVED them and ate them on a regular basis!
They are best fried up in bacon grease as when I would make them for Ben. Now I use a little olive oil as Louis Dean has heart disease....and let's face it! Nobody but teenagers can eat things fried with bacon grease and get away with it!

To go with our potatoes I made us some old fashioned
Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato Sandwiches WITH slices of sweet onion and real mayo! (I KNOW! I should NOT use real mayo!)

We took a lunch break and rested a bit before LD went back to
'Gathering up his tools.'

At 3:30 this afternoon he shut off the water and at 4:05 we FINALLY trundled the first 4 X 8 foot piece of Sheetrock OFF the open truck bed where he had cut out all the little holes and rectangles for the water and electric things.

This went relatively well. We had to go through the gate and an area of our yard that looks like 'Sanford and Son' on a BAD day!! We have a door to our bedroom from the back patio and we made it INSIDE the house! After a lot of maneuvering and positioning and calculating......we discovered what we should have known in the first place! You CANNOT get a full piece of Sheetrock through a small door opening and upright into a very small scale bathroom!

We had to cut it! Or LOUIS DEAN had to cut it! Now you know all this construction really messes up one's house! That's why I have paid special attention to keeping everything as clean as possible since this whole remodel has taken so long. Remember The RED NECK BATHROOM at Christmas? When I covered the walls with red checked sheets and table cloths and even put up garland and a tiny Christmas tree?
However dusty everything is and no matter how tracked the carpet has become.....I still make up the bed every morning complete with all the pillows and shams! SO? Just GUESS where Louis Dean cut this whole 4 X 8 foot Sheetrock?? On our BED! He said, "There is NO way I am hauling that thing back out and in again!" SO he cut it then and there and PUT IT UP! DONE DEAL!

He is a Man Among Men!!!

Tomorrow our adventure will begin once more! But now I must close this post, pour him a glass of wine and proceed to tell him how amazingly WONDERFUL he is!!!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Yaaaaaaaa for accomplishment!!!

Re-doing is a big, big job!!!

Gentle hugs...

Vee said...

Such a lot of work! And you still manage to take pictures for the foodies. I loved your redneck Christmas bathroom. You're a when. gal. (My doc says eat real mayo and avoid the fake stuff. I like her advice.)

Deb said...

very deserving of a glass of wine..hope today is productive also..

Carla said...

Looks like you're getting closer!
Hope today goes well! Have a glass of wine for me.

bj said...

Yep, we eat mayo, too. :)) and real butter...and every now and then, make gravy with BACON GREASE ...but not very often anymore. And there's not much we love more than potatoes and onions fried together...we just don't eat fried foods anymore. bwaaaaaa said...

That's a good man :) Sounds like many of my projects, they're not pretty during the work, but I hope for the best in the end result. Can't wait to see the final bathroom.

Tks for your nice comments. We're headed to Palm Springs for Spring Break....looking for sun and warmth!

Texas Tales said...

at least you are getting some "wall" in there now! enjoy the time together on such a gratifying project. can't wait to see the current state when we come home in a few weeks. love you!