Thursday, March 31, 2011


This has been an exhausting day! Last night at 9:00 I put Lucy in her kennel after taking her on a good long walk. NOW time to play with our 'new' 6 year old cat, Maggie! We found her lying under the baby grand piano in the den.....stretched out like she had always lived here! GREAT! We settled down for a TV program and while I WANTED to pick up Maggie and pet her.....Louis Dean said to let her get used to us and just BE for awhile. OK. At 9:30 I checked and she was still under the piano.

At 10:00 I decided to brush her since she has been declawed on ALL FOUR paws! She was NOT there. I searched high and low. Under things, behind things. I used a flashlight.......which is NOT a good idea since I was unprepared for all the filth I found in my very own house! Dust, dirt, debris and dead bugs. Under and behind the furniture everywhere. In every room. UGH!! Alas, no kitty cat! I was freaking out thinking she had slipped outside! And NO claws to protect herself! Well, Louis Dean reassured me we had NOT even been out the door since I had last seen her under the piano. SO she HAD to be here somewhere. I THOUGHT I heard her in our bedroom ......which is a disaster area since we are redoing my bathroom and everything is piled up everywhere! Lots of hiding places but she was not in any of them!  We went to bed.

Every time I got up in the night I looked for her. No cat. Got up this cat. I could not help myself......I started crying which gave me a head ache. Amber called to congratulate me on our new cat....and I cried all the more! She also said she HAD to be here someplace and she had been through this very same thing with Snowball and July multiple times.  We called the pet place and the lady suggested we put out some tuna or salmon. She also said this was not uncommon and Magenta was simply scared and hiding. She would come out when she was hungry. We sat in the gazebo where we could watch the dish of salmon juice through the glass door and waited. We did our Bible reading and books and prayed. No cat.
By this time it was about 1:00 in the afternoon! Nothing much had been accomplished except looking for Maggie!

Then we decided to take the drawers out of my dresser which has been damaged and one end is sitting on a brick. No sign of her BUT we HEARD something!! We quickly cleared the stuff off the dresser and Louis Dean....being the big strong Knight in Shining Armor that he is......TILTED the entire dresser forward and
THERE SHE WAS!!!! Bless her heart! She had crawled under there and then couldn't get out!! I took her up in my arms and I was SO HAPPY!!!  We decided to put litter box, food, bed...the whole works in the guest room where we could keep her safe and secure. We go in to check on her and play with her until she gets used to being here.

While Maggie was resting the rest of the day in the comfort of her very own private bedroom.....
I was as busy cleaning house like a mad woman!
I now have TWO clean rooms.......and one extremely loved cat!


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...the surprises we find when we look underneath our furniture! I'm sorry it took so long to find Maggie, but it sounds like all is good now. I hope you all get a good nights sleep.


Luann said...

She is a beauty.. just like snowball whom I suspect you are missing. I hope LD bonds with this one as much as he did with snowball and July.

Linda Chapman said...

You are so right, Luann!!! YES! LD has bonded well! I always love it when I see one of your comments!

Diana Ferguson said...

Love those happy endings. Glad she is safe, and I can tell she is going to be SO spoiled!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love and happy ending!!! I am soooo happy all is well with Maggie. Enjoy her, I know you will! xoxo

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I completely understand. Things like this, are a big reason we have never gotten another cat.

I used to be more worried about the safety of those cats, than I was, about my own children! It was nerve-racking. For me and for him.

No more pets. It's my O/C thing, kicking in, in regard to the safety of my helpless critters.

My husband would understand how Louis Dean said that you two had not even opened a door. But it didn;t stop you worrying. Oh sigh. I know, I know.


Texas Tales said...

So glad all is right again!! Cats have a way of hiding in that ONE place we don't look. Love you guys!

Deb said...

so glad you found her...silly cat...