Thursday, August 19, 2010

SHOWERS of Blessings.....

Showers of blessings fell on me today! I awoke to the fragrant aroma of fresh coffee and an omelet waiting for me in the kitchen! That meant Louis Dean was feeling much so he had cooked breakfast!
After our morning routine of coffee and reading in the gazebo.....the Bible and a book on General George Patton (what a combination!) I headed for Arlington with my beach bag to visit the grand kids!

Faith proved to be a pretty good little photographer and snapped several of the pics I am using in this post! She and I played dominoes while the Lemon Bars were baking.....she loves to bake!
This is the finished product after we took some out to save for their dad!

We cooled off in their gorgeous new pool! NONE of the 3 grand kids have had swimming lessons ( STILL need to 'teach' them just to be on the safe side!) but ALL of them swim around like little fish! We had a ball in the water!
I enjoyed floating in the pool and watching the antics of the GK's!
Faith chasing Levi around the pool deck....
...or was it Levi chasing HER???
Levi is ALWAYS on the go!!!
And Faith is usually PERFORMING!!! She belted out several songs for me today!
Leigh Ann, my daughter in law, and I were having a good conversation over our lunch of pizza and salad catching up on family happenings.......when it HAPPENED! It actually started RAINING!!! A rain cloud seemed to dangle RIGHT OVER THEIR PROPERTY! The sun was still shining and the sky was still blue and it was still HOT....but it was raining! SO we went BACK to the pool to swim in the rain! That was so much fun! It did not last a LONG time but it DID rain on us as we were swimming and I loved it!
As we were drip drying from our swim, Sam shared some of his music with me on  his iPod..?? I am new to this and Faith informed me she had an MP3 player herself! They were busy explaining and demonstrating these clever devices to me while singing the Gummi Bear Song! SO cute!
Faith told me, "These don't work where YOU live, MiMi!!" That's true!
Levi asked me, "Do you still have some peach CUBBLERS?" So Faith and I promptly made one!
One day last spring I asked Levi if he wanted some peach cobbler. He asked, "Well, MiMi, is it GOOD?" I said it was and he said, "Then I will HAVE some!"
I always enjoy spending time with the grand kids but today seemed to be extra special nice!
Showers of blessings rained down on ME today! Hope it was a good day for YOU as well!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

What a great day for you and the grandkids! I love that pool shot of you lounging. I thought it was Esther Williams at first!

Nita said...

I'm so glad your able and willing to go have fun with your grandkids...thats what keeps you healthy and young at heart. You will never grow old and bitter. Keep up the good work!

Dawn said...

I am glad LD is feeling better! And I don't know which looks more refreshing: the pool or the lemon bars!