Saturday, August 14, 2010

100.0 °F PLUS!

Heat Advisory
Statement as of 7:43 AM CDT on August 14, 2010

A heat advisory remains in effect until 8 PM CDT Sunday.
High temperatures are expected to range between 100 and
105 through Sunday with continued high humidity. This will put
heat index values between 105 and 110 degrees during the
afternoon hours for most of the area. Sunday will be the hottest
day of the year with heat indices around 110 degrees for areas
north of I-20 and east of I-35. The excessive heat will be short
lived as temperatures are expected to be slightly cooler Monday.
The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity could result
in heat stress developing for those working outside in the heat or
those living without home air conditioning. You THINK???

I am SO tired of this excessive heat!!!! It is in the 80's when we wake up and that is as cool as it will get so we scurry around trying to water, weed, tend the yard and do as much to keep everything from just flat out DYING as we possibly can! By noon it is sweltering and the sun is beating down with absolutely NO mercy! It has been 100+ degrees for over THREE WEEKS now! Thursday I just edged and trimmed the has been SO hot the grass didn't have enough stamina to even GROW! I got out this morning and put the patriotic decorations I used for Amber and Mike's Welcome Home party in the shed attic and did a little yard clean up as I was changing the water hoses around. My neighbor, Stephanie, has THE most beautiful green St. Augustine grass in the neighborhood! She does not have a sprinkler system...not even a SPRINKLER! She snakes her hose around the yard leaving it on a constant drip. It obviously WORKS! I would do this but we have a nozzle attached to all our hoses and I can't get them off easily. SO I leave it on a slow spray and try to angle it to the right area. There are so many projects I need to get to but it is as if we are quarantined in our own house until it cools off! Heat index is 103 as I write. I am going out now to turn the water hoses on a slow trickle!

Heat, ma'am! it was so dreadful here, that I found there was nothing left for it but to take off my flesh and sit in my bones.

                                                   Sydney Smith


Petie said...

Sorry to hear about the heat! We used to live in Dallas, so I can sympathize :) It was actually 100 here in OR yesterday but it's only for a few days. Hope it cools off soon!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

So hot here, too. The yard looks sad and so do the poor flowers. I can't wait till the cooler weather and everything will perk up again!

Connie said...

I just left a comment, and it flew off the page.
I'll try again.

I just read your daughter's blog and her trip to Scotland must have been wonderful. I loved the video showing all the sights.

You are having a busy life !!

Good to hear from you !