Thursday, March 26, 2020

Staying in Touch!

I am loving how we are all staying in touch with one another!
By Video Chats, FaceTime, emails, snail mail, Facebook, distance in person and so many more opportunities to touch each other's lives while maintaining our 6 degrees feet of separation.

After my special mail from Debbie yesterday, I had no thought I would get a bumper crop of personal mail today!

Postcards from Summer!
We LOVE the Lucille Ball and John Wayne pics!!

And a thick envelope stuffed with notes from the Bells!
Each one was precious including and especially the one from Amber!
Love how Trystan signed hers ....Sincerely.
And Harrison said to write back!

Speaking of the Bells......

Who knew they would be loving Home School????

After their lessons are done they get free time on their tablets or Chrome Books to Video Chat!
They are teaching me all kinds of cool things!

Pretty little Trystan!
She sent me a message first asking if I could chat.
My phone was charging and I was in the den so it was a little while before I saw and answered her message.
Her reply??? "You finally responded!!"

My sweet Logan!!
I chatted with Kailey too but I can't seem to find the pics we made!

Chandy sends us a message or two every day......

She is at the halfway point in her pregnancy and doing well.
Isn't she cute??

How we would love to squeeze this Bella Boo!!!

We hope soon......

I am continuing my cleaning streak and am so happy to say that tomorrow will be my last day in the kitchen. It has been a daunting task to clean every item, cupboard, drawer and shelf....but I am nearly done!

Just look what my 83 year old husband did today!
This is an extra fuel tank and maybe tool box combo.
He loaded it all by himself!
We hope to take it down to the ranch where Dean and Sherry will put it to good use.
Louis Dean bought it back in 2000 when he bought his truck. He could travel to Arkansas, Missouri and back to Texas with this axtra tank of diesel.

He knew I would want to see this possum skeleton!
It probably got under the tank and couldn't get out.

The AC man came this afternoon and our unit outside is humming like a liitle song.
It was 82 in the house this afternoon and it's now a cool 74 degrees!

So far we are doing a good job of using what food we have and not wasting anything!

Today was a much better day and I am more light hearted than in the past several days.
Now I am cleaning to get it done - not like it's a compulsion that will save my life!

Due to several terrible anonymous comments recently, I have changed my settings temporarily.
They seem to come in waves and once this is over, I will change it back for those who can't comment any other way. And I DO love to read YOUR thoughts and words! That makes the blog more of a two way relationship!

Until next time.......


Ginny Hartzler said...

So sad about those bad comments. Another blogger has been having the same thing, wonder if it is the same person. There is always someone who wants to ruin a good thing. Chandy is beautiful! And I have never seen a possum skeleton. Poor thing. Glad to hear Amber & family are all doing well!

BeachGypsy said...

Love seeing all the cute lil letters from those adorable children, now THAT SURELY brightens a person's day, right?! Glad you and Louis Dean are healthy and staying busy. Girlfriend....MERCY!--can't believe you took on that wait a minute....YES, I DO BELIEVE it, ha ha!! LOL Great job, definitely be proud of yourself. We're staying busy too and it helps, what helps me more than anything is getting outside and getting sun and fresh air, really improves my outlook and general well being. Glad the kids and grands are doing good, so great you figured out how to use all the facetime/skype or whatever that stuff is called, LOL Hugs!! is Summer feeling? Tell her I'm thinking of her

Kathy said...

You are having a very productive time. Not so much me. But I am hoping to get started soon. How precious to have e everyone calling you. It certainly helps in these days to keep in touch. I got those awful comments too. Four times now. It is obviously a form comment because it is exactly the same each time. My brother who is far from a boomer got one on his blog too. I was upset at first, but now I ignore them. Each time I get one, I pray for the person. I did change my comments to moderated to keep me from having to search for them each day to remove them.

The Feminine Energy said...

Oh my... "anonymous comments". None of us need anything like that, that's for sure. I believe I have my settings that someone has to have a blogger account & be signed-in before they can comment. At least I think that's the way it is set up. I'm so happy you're feeling better today, my friend. This whole "sheltering in place" stuff is not easy for most folks. And to think we're not even at the peak of this yet. But this too shall pass. I'm glad we have each other. Love you, Andrea xoxo PS~ I absolutely love snail mail and sending cards & letters. Such a lost art, so to speak.

Estelle's said...

Who doesn't love Summer? She is just delightful..and letters from your grandchildren are beyond precious! We too are loving facetime talks and keeping in touch daily. I have so enjoyed seeing the children home and spending quality time with their parents....that has been a blessing to come out of this horrible situation. God bless all those that keep us going! Y'all stay healthy and safe!

Stacy said...

What fun things you are doing with your grandkids! I love that. I'm sure our two oldest grands know how to do those things, but unfortunately, we've never had a terribly close relationship with them or their parents. It's better than it used to be, but they are old enough the bond just isn't there. Lots of cleaning and organizing going on here, too. And cooking. Today might be a rest and relax day. I forgot to take my allergy pill before bed last night and I'm taking Tylenol rather than ibuprofen for arthritis pain (read ibuprofen in the system seems to accentuate covid-19 symptoms)...woke up today feeling pretty blah. Oh well, not like we have a schedule or anywhere to go. Those comments hit nearly everyone in the Sunday Stealing blog hop last weekend. I responded to that one, but will delete future comments. I suppose that goes along with all the on-line scams and hacking going on. Even the bad people are getting bored. Ah well, glad you are managing and keeping a good attitude. Have a good day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The kids look so precious outside reading on their blankets under the tree! I did that when I was a much fun! I was a dreamer and would look up in the sky and see what animals the clouds looked like! Take care...both of you! Sweet hugs from Florida, Diane

Vee said...

So glad that it’s a better day! Your grands help a lot with that. Louis Dean is amazing. If he can’t figure it out, it can’t be done. 😏 Chandy is looking wonderful. Glad that she is doing well.

Happy cleaning. That kitchen is going to glow in the dark it’ll shine so. I keep busy with little projects upstairs...I can clean one side of the room at a time. That’s it!

Here’s to getting things back on track soon.God knows what we need.

jackie said...

Sorry that some people are so unhappy that they have to leave awful messages.

Let's pray they start to feel better!

The rest of us shall just keep "keeping on" and being kind to one and all.

In a world where we can be anything, let's be KIND!!

There is sooooo much kindness going on in our beautiful country.

Praying for those who have lost someone to this illness .

Stay home! We can do this!

Sandra said...

My 83 year old pulled his neck/shoulder muscle pulling roots out of the ground yesterday. I did not even know he was doing it until he could not pick up the coffe pot today without yelping. now let me burst your bubble. yesterday bob went out to get the mail, a bunch of junk. he said have you thought about the mail man touches every piece of mail that the people mailing the stuff are touching, all the people in the post office touch it, we get it out and bring it in the house... just saying......😁

Changes in the wind said...

How sweet all the mail and the cute pictures of loved ones. I was pretty shocked when I read that hateful comment and can't imagine someone being so stupid. It is suppose to get in the 80's here later in the week, maybe we can burn the virus out. We use sanitizer after getting the mail or exchanging money and etc. It is a easy fix. Your hubby is amazing in all he does:)

Deanna Rabe said...

What a fun post! Mail from Summer, and the Bells, lots of video chatting, cleaning, strong husband!

Don't fret about having a few days of being overwhelmed and upset about everything going on! I know your trusting our great God with everything!

Sorry about the anonymous commenters. Yikes! I guess there are so many people home with nothing to do but say unkind things! Just think of it as the enemy of our souls trying to diminish the LIGHT you share here! Chin up, friend! Your doing great!

Deb said...

Good morning! So glad your family is staying in touch! That is great. You inspire me with all your cleaning and organizing. Stay safe and well and have a good weekend!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

School is closed in Alabama for the rest of the year. While we are here to help out with Kendall and Landon, I fear this means Katy will have to quit her part time job so she can be home with the little ones. Charles 's college is also doing online classes so he will be home to take care of their two. I am praying that by June we will have some order restored. Like you I have been cleaning and stitching. So sorry about those rude comments. I guess with people home they have more time to wreak havoc on the NET. If only they would use their time for good instead of bad. Yall take care.

photowannabe said...

What precious notes from your Grands and family.
Face-time can be a real life saver in this Crazy time.
I'm glad your compulsion has turned to just getting it done...that's the way I feel too.
This new Normal is hard to get used to.
So sorry about the awful comments you have received.
I have been getting some on FaceBook too.
Someone has too much time on their hands!!
Hope you can get to the ranch soon.
Love you and take care...

Carole said...

I had to do the same thing with comments - there was a guy (assuming) who was obsessed with a relatively unknown actress that kept leaving physical comments about her -weird! Glad you are feeling a tad better. Stay safe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is so important to stay in touch during times like theee and to share a smile or two with each other. Glad you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel there with your kitchen. Congratulations on a job well done. You certainly have managed to keep your eye on the goal. I've not done a thing work wise but still manage to keep in touch with loved ones too. I love writing my newsletter every day and being able to keep in touch. At least I know I accomplished one thing each day.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh wow...that was a find! That 'coon skeleton. I'm glad you shared it (I like science & nature -except for snakes lol) Live the photos of your loved ones (and don't fret over the mail being contaminated like one commenter mentioned)...I refuse to be overly cautious...we still have to enjoy what we can (like you listening to the frog outside your door!)

Wanda said...

Mail in any form is so delightful to receive. I just got a card from a blog friend I've had for years and years. I starting blogging in 2007 and she was one of my first blog friends to comment. She is from CA and I hope someday to meet her in person.

Love all you letters and cards. Don't we all love Lucy and John Wayne. Have been watching all the old Westerns and he is in most of them. Also love the Sackett Bros.

I have cleaned every inch of our house too, and yesterday accomplished cleaning out the file cabinet and shredding a ton of paper.

Sending love and Hugs, dear friend.

Aloha Acres said...

I'm so sorry about the bad comments. There are bad apples in every barrel. So disappointing. It looks like you and LD are staying busy as always. Please stay safe. I am ready to see you back in the country again. We hope to start our own bee hives eventually and I love reading your experience with them. ((hugs))

Rain said...

Hi Linda :)) So glad to see the family all happy and doing well! The food looks great and what a wonder you hubby is! :) Oh I love those postcards, how fun! The possum skeleton is kind of cool!