Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday's Treasures!! And a Movie With Candie!

This was my first old fashioned Tuesday in a long long time - minus the art!
Before I drove to Grapevine to meet Candie for an afternoon movie, I hit up four thrift stores, the Dollar Store and went to the bank.

I can barely remember the last time Candie and I spent an afternoon together.
I know it was this year.....I think......I'm pretty sure.
But we were long overdue!

Our movie of choice!

It was hilarious!!!!

The entire audience was women 'of a certain age.'
We laughed out loud a lot! 
Everyone did!! 
Albeit, some louder than others if you know who what I mean!

It was another scorcher of a day!
I remember the summer when it was 100+ for something like 60 days!
So this is not nearly as bad. Trying to think positively!!

After the movie we hit up Hobby Lobby with me riding in Candie's cool new Candy Apple Red car!
Then we lingered long over our very late lunch at Schlotzsky's!
There was so much to catch up on and we could have stayed and talked far longer than we did.
It was a special afternoon for me and I really needed to 'talk.'
Candie and I both have mothers in a rest home. Our mothers are totally different personalities and have very different situations - but we could share our daughter's hearts knowing we understood each other. Thank you for that, Candie.

Now for my Tuesday Treasures!!!

Out of the 4 thrift stores, I scored at least something at 3 of them.
Those Texas dishes now complete my set which I have purchased piece meal at different thrift stores.
Or maybe they did all come from the Goodwill on Beltline!

I love this lamp and it will live in the guest room.
Hopefully tomorrow.

So will this.
I'm going to call the guest room my She Shed Wannabe!

And I fell in love with this quilted coverlet.
It may live in the guest room on the full size bottom bunk.......
or it may live at the ranch.

I have a lot of projects to do.
Two baby quilts and two full size quilts for two newborns and two newly weds.
Plus lots of paintings!

This was not from Goodwill but a gift from my sweet neighbor girls.
You pull a string and it plays Jesus Loves Me.
I think the quads will love it!
They will be coming over for an Old Fashioned QUAD Day soon.
And I am hoping and praying we get the guest room put back together tomorrow.
That bunk bed is a seriously heavy piece of furniture.
It is pretty much assembled now.
However, I had the bright idea of putting a room size rug in there and that has caused me to just about cry tonight trying to help Louis Dean get that thing straight.
The bunk is HEAVY and he's used PVC pipes and blocks of wood to lift the bunk and try to straighten that confounded rug!!
It still has a wrinkle in it as I write and he is in there trying to figure it out.
The wrinkle will be UNDER the bed so I say - forget it and call it done and put that mattress down!
Except.....he has used wood putty - he loves that stuff - to fill holes so tomorrow he must sand it and then I must stain it and THEN we get to put the room back together!
The stuff that goes in there was strewn all over the house!
I consolidated it into the dining room, hall, sewing room, and our bedroom so I could at least clean the den, living room and kitchen.
I MUST have a clean room with candles and music to retreat to.....when I am just about ready to pull my hair out!

Okay, I am going to suck it up, put on my big girl panties and go in there and either help Louis Dean or convince him that a nice glass of wine and waiting until the morning to finish is a good idea.

I think I may be at this point!!!


Linda said...

I believe it’s time for another visit to the country, anything to save a marriage.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

As always Linda, your sense of humor comes to the rescue. Hope the rug gives in - and you get some sleep! Hugs.

Susie said...

Linda, You can always make me smile and laugh out loud at times. Those granny panties must be the topper. LOL So fun for you to make it to the movies with your friend. Glad you could talk with someone going through a similar ordeal. Blessings for a great day there. Stay cool. xoxo,love you, Susie

Sandra said...

laughed out loud when I read you had and old fashioned day. to funny and I know you loved it.. all the things you love to do. the heat wave is not just in USA, monica in Sweden is complaining because it is 84 degrees which is unheard of there. a little scary to find the world hotter than FL in July

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have heard that movie is great and it's always nice to have a good laugh too. Helps relieve the stress when life gets hard. If that wrinkle is under the bed, I say leave well enough alone ! You always find the nicest things at good will. I've tried to stay away from there as I really haven't room for anything else but It keeps calling my name. The heat is on here in Ohio too. A heat advisory is up till 9 this evening. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and can keep cool.

Vee said...
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Vee said...

😀 Hope that all is well this morning. It’s the simplest of things that put us into tizzy time...time for a rousing renditions of 🎶Let it Go.

Happy Independence Day!

(Now see, this is what puts me into a tizzy...autocorrect or grammatical errors caused by fat fingers.)

Vee said...

It did it again! I keep removing the “s” from rendition and it keeps putting it back. I quit. 🙃

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you could catch up with your old friend and had such a nice day. The quilt is really pretty and the dishes are great. Hope it all gets done like you want. Happy fourth of July!

Deanna Rabe said...

Prayers that the bunks bed get done with out losing your hair!

I know you’ll enjoy it as a faux she shed!

Mitzi said...

Discovered your blog a couple months ago. Love reading about all your doings. Wish I had your ambition, it seems you never stop going.
Love your life, wish you were my neighbor.

Carole said...

We don't have as many charity shops - one of the downsides of being a small population country - but I did go to one yesterday and got some cheap assorted plates - so that was great - and I dropped off some unwanted gifts and old blankets too. Cheers

Bluebird49 said...

"A Wrinkle in Time" may matter but in the rug under the bunkbeds?? 😉
You really got some great bargains!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love all your Goodwill finds! Texas must have the best thrift stores anywhere! I am so sorry about the rug and the bed, what a frustrating job. I can't wait to see a picture when you are finished! Will this be the quads room?

bj said...

I love friend days like that. One of my good friends and I need to do that next week...
We had a fabulous 4th..weather was perfect and lots of family, friends and food.