Thursday, July 5, 2018

Middle of the Day Post!

It's noon instead of midnight as I write yesterday's journal entry.
I realize it was the 4th of July so I wore a patriotic dress in honor of the day.

We needed a Hollywood bed frame and I had a feeling we would find one at the DAV on Rock Island Road. 

And we did!!!!
(Only late last night we discovered they had paired the sets up wrong and we had two pieces that were for the same side. Louis Dean will need to go back up there and trade for the other one!)

I love the DAV and all their great antiques!

They are clearly marked 'FOR DISPLAY ONLY!'

It's a great place to browse through time even if you didn't want to shop.

But I did! Since it was the 4th - they had everything on sale for half price....
 $4 bought all of the above. The tea pot is BIA Cordon Bleu and made in Brazil.

I found this brand new game with a checker board on the back side of the Chinese Checker top and other games printed on the bottom of the box.  Game pieces all there in unopened packages.

It was HOT yesterday and we had a LOT to do - so we ate lunch out at a Chinese buffet.
Louis Dean dearly loves this place! This saved us time so we could get right back to work on the guest room when we got home.

I needed a mattress cover and pillows so we stopped at Tuesday Morning.
I got more than I came for - but they didn't have the covers I was looking for.
They did have a bottle of lavender, sage and rosemary seasoning for $2.99!
Alas, they only had one and when the clerk handed the bag to me - it dropped out and broke.
He said I could get another one and I settled for Rosemary and garlic.

One last stop at Target before heading home.
The quads are coming later this afternoon so I was buying hot dogs and buns and watermelon.
Not! They were sold out!! As in almost completely!
I ended up buying a more expensive package of bun length hot dogs and King Hawaiian buns.
We didn't have hot dogs on the 4th but we will eat them on the 5th!
Louis Dean and I always quote his beloved Ellen.......
" American as a half burned hot dog on the 4th of July."
He says there was more to it but this is all he remembers.

This ends the pretty part of Monday.
We came home and spend hours and hours trying to straighten that fool rug I bought!!
Louis Dean is a master mind at doing things......and even he couldn't get it right.
It is 10 feet long and 7' 7" wide. And the bunk bed is HEAVY.
He managed to use wood planks and PVC pipes and lift the furniture - both the stairwell and the end pieces OFF the floor and take the rug up - roll it up and then re roll it out. 
And STILL it's all bunched up at one end - just like it was when we started hours and hours before!
So we did the best we could and hope we can make the far right side settle down sooner or later!
THEN we discovered we couldn't use the bed frame and just put the mattress and box springs - which really aren't box springs - on the floor!
I started putting the room back together with the dreaded feeling of having to take that bottom part up again this weekend but - oh, well.
It was midnight before I had all the stuff we had carried out of the room back in there and made some sense of it. 

It's a tradition to watch Independence Day (the movie) every year.
It seems I don't have the original but I had Resurgence.
We sat down and watched the first part of it and 
then limped to bed because we were both so tired we could barely stand up!

The beauty about it all is that when you go to bed you get to wake up to a brand new day.
Last night I didn't think I would be able to walk because my ankles were hurting so bad.
I have arthritis and took Tylenol PM (hoping my liver didn't notice it!) before going to sleep and Wonders of Wonders!!! I woke up feeling much better.

I went back to the guest room to finish it up since the 'babies' will be here today.
This pic is from July 5th five years ago!

I discovered I have king size pillow shams that match the bedspread I bought Tuesday!
Now I just need to buy two king size pillows.
I'm thinking I can put all three girls on the bottom full size bed by placing them across the width!
Then Harrison can sleep on the top bunk - which needs a bit higher safety rail.
Not sure what Granddad's going to do about that!

I will close with this awesome pillow that came in the mail today from my friend, Dawn, in Florida!!!
Thank you so MUCH!!!
Now I am off to shower and dress because company's coming and I have hot dogs to grill!!!


Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Linda! Sounds like you had quite the fourth! Sooner or later it all works out. Love your new bedspread and how lucky you are to already have the shams! What a sweet look at your grands five years ago - time passes by so fast, doesn't it? Hope you are having a wonderful fifth and get a chance to enjoy your hot dogs - my favorite meal! Jane

Vee said...

Hot dogs! Sounds like a plan for tomorrow when I have the grands. Both of them. This is rare as the eldest is now allowed to stay home by himself, but he wants to come so I must make it memorable. He has a lawn-mowing business this summer so I could put him to work...nah! too hot.

I am so sorry about that kink in the carpet. How totally frustrating. I hate being flummoxed by something and I see that you both feel the same way. Not a hill worth dying on or being all lamed up for though. Remember that please. 🌿

Ginny Hartzler said...

A surprise post! I do want to see the room when you are finished, frustrating rug and all! The Quads will sleep there? I love your 4th of July dress, and the sunflower teapot! They just make thrift stores bigger and better in Texas! I hope you have a ball with the quads! will there be sparklers or fireworks?

Sandra said...

that pillow is perfect for YOU and so is your starry dress you wore. we have no DAV here and I checked and looks like they are in the NE and in parts of Texas.. love the old stuff they have, I like to time travel. enjoy the sleep over in the crooked rug room with no Hollywood bed frame. I doubt they will notice or maybe they will. they are pretty smart.

Bluebird49 said...

Whew---except for the Chinese buffet, I think I would have skipped the rest yesterday. But it would still be there waiting....

Love your finds!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that big pillow from your friend! And oh what a time you've had. We always talk about being on Plan were way beyond that! Hope it's been a good day for you! Sweet hugs!

Deanna Rabe said...

That quilt is pretty, and I think it’s a Waverly pattern, or very similar to one I’ve seen. The quads will love sleeping in the quest room together! How fun!

Take care not to over stress yourselves with that bed. Kids don’t mind!

Susie said...

Linda, Your babies...I had to smile when I saw that picture of the quads from 5 years ago. I would probably be ready to put that rug somewhere else. LOL. I don't like making myself crazy over things. Love your cute dress. You look very young in the picture. :) Such a cute pillow with the truck. Have a fun time with your little sweethearts. Hugs to them. Blessings to you, love , xoxo, Susie

Judy said...

Where have the years gone? I love the flashback pic from five years ago. And the pillow you got in the mail is just perfect! Stay cool over there. :)

Carole said...

Loved seeing the old pic of the quads and realising just how grown up they are getting now. Cheers

BeachGypsy said...

Goodness gracious I love that pillow, so cute! Love how it has the saying on the back! NO WAY THAT IS THE "babies"??!! haha ha LOL--WOW, they have grown by leaps and bounds, haven't they? I think I "met" you when they were about two, but not sure. I have enjoyed watching them grow and change over the years! They are sure cute. Wow....did y'all get the bed and rug figured out yet??---things like that can be so annoying. especially when you are just trying to make something nicer. Mr. Front Porch threw hot dogs on our grill as well, we had smoked pork, he smoked it for about 9 hours or so and mercy LInda, it was SO GOOD! yum Love the thrift store finds, I always love to see what people buy, so I posted some of my new "treasures" as well. So glad you stopped by and thanks for all your sweet comments, they mean so much to me.

BeachGypsy said...

P.S. I love your 4th of July dress, so cute!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hot dogs always hit the spot with grandchildren. Mine are picky eaters, but all of them love a hot dog! Glad you had the good part of the day first and then went on to all the work. No matter how the rug fits, the quads are going to like their room. I'm sure they won't notice. But they will remember the love ...

Changes in the wind said...

What project that rug has created, hope you are able to get it straightened out. You two do more than anyone I know, going here and there but know you enjoy it. Have a wonderful time with the quads and love the old picture.

Anonymous said...

you guys are always up to something lol,, so busy,, what beautiful photos you brought us,,I think all kids love hotdogs!! We do too!!

mxtodis123 said...

I remember my grandmother had one of those washers in her basement. Brings back fond memories. So do hot dogs. I rarely eat them anymore thanks to my blood pressure issues. But I do eat them. Sometimes I just say the heck with it.

Nancy Chan said...

So wonderful to be able to shop at reduced price! I am sure Louis Dean will be able to fix everything up beautifully!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Linda, I'm a first-time visitor who wanted to thank you for the visit and comment on our blog (The Frog & Penguinn). I was excited to read that you had visited after another blogger friend Laura had done so. I really do get excited when new comments are left and I am always looking for blogs to read, so I have done some reading of older posts here. I also like thrift store finds and also donating to them when I can no longer use something. We have had a hot spell even here in NH and thankfully cooler temps this weekend. Hope the hot dogs were good. They are my husband's favorite summertime meal and we've had then 3 times since July 4th! I have added your blog to my reading list and hope you will revisit ours again as well.

BeachGypsy said...

Hey there Linda, hope y'all had a real nice weekend. Is it hot there? We had lots of rain! Yes I sure did make alot of "tater" salad, but nope, no party this year. We just made alot of good food, and we have alot of good left overs so I dont have to cook for a few days!! About finished off the tater salad today.

Anonymous said...

I just love so much the way you write , you keep it so real, I enjoy every word!