Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Louis Dean is a Happy Camper!!

We stayed an extra day so Louis Dean could get his roof up on the utility room!

He was out there hammering away long before I got up this morning!
By mid afternoon, he had all the rafters nailed in place.
He tried to figure out how he could get the plywood up there by himself.......

then he decided to do it the easy way!
Call his son!
It helps to have a son that is strong enough to just 'throw it up there!!'
I have SEEN him do it when we were roofing the front room.
It didn't take Dean more than half an hour to get that plywood up!
More like 15-20 minutes!

We took a tea break and then it was back up on the roof  for Louis Dean to nail it all down.

He is a real treasure and handsome to boot!!

He was so happy to get that up there that he was singing!


This fulfilled his goal and he had only one more step to the project after that.
I helped him measure and cut the roofing felt - took one more tea break and then he took that up and nailed it down. We are now protected from the rain! 
WHAT rain??? I think it's wonderful to have that room out of the sun!

I stayed close in the front room while he was getting up and down from the roof so I could hold the ladder steady for him. He accomplished his goals for this month and I accomplished the last one of mine - getting the denim ready for a baby quilt which I will start on as soon as I get back home.

Which will be tomorrow!
It's time.

As I close, Louis Dean is sitting on the front porch watching the last campfire and - to use his words -
"Basking in the glow of meeting my goals! The rafters, roof and all just went together like magic!"

We are both very happy campers tonight!!


  1. Doing this all in one day is amazing! I remember this song "Sittin' On top Of The world"! The flowers look like Black Eyed Susans!!

  2. "Basking in the glow of meeting my goals!" I love that! It's such a good feeling to meet goals and accomplish things!

  3. Two wonderful places to call home - LD is an amazing builder and just keeps making things better every time you are at home #2 ! Thank you Linda for sharing your daily adventures, always very much appreciated.

  4. You have indeed had a productive visit this month. Good to get that done before July and August. Those months Louis Dean needs to sit in the shade drinking tea while admiring his work.

  5. That Louis Dean SURE STAYS BUSY!! ha ha LOL and he sure does get stuff DONE! Hooray for him! I've been away this week, but still following along with your all's adventures in the country, been enjoying all the pretty pictures. That fish Louis Dean was eating sure looked delicious and I LOVE THAT BROWN purse you got! great find! I think y'all are headed home later today, so be careful my friend and safe journeys! Amber's bday is coming right, I think you said? Please wish her happy day from me here in Charleston, thank you!

  6. or was it Summer's birthday?? I just remember it was one of them I think? ha ha LOL sorry.....oh and PS i love the picture of you in your cute hat!! Very cute hat.

  7. Congratulations! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Louis Dean really is amazing...I could no more crawl around on my knees like that... And he knows how to do everything. ๐Ÿ˜Š Enjoy the trip home.

  8. Hurray for accomplishing goals! I know that is quite the accomplishment, especially with the bee situation you had! Louis Dean, you are amazing!

    Have a safe trip home, and enjoy your family, sitting in the gazebo together, etc...

  9. That Louis Dean is an amazing worker...puts younger men to shame.

  10. Linda, Not many men would work as hard as LD. He is a keeper for sure. LOL Loved him singing while working. I know you feel better being right there holding the ladder steady. I try to help Ted like that also. We just aren't as steady climbing as we used to be. Hope your gardens are not over grown. It's been terrible hot here the past few days. I have moved my flowers around to keep them from too much sun. Blessings for a safe trip home. Love you both, xoxo, Susie

  11. now you magically have a magic roof and he is safe and down. I showed the pics to bob and he said, that reminds me I need to gt up there and sweep all the leaves and limbs of. arrhhhhhh… good job LD... wild clapping and standing ovation for a job well done....

  12. You both have done a fine job of setting goals and accomplishing them on this trip to the country. I cannot imagine working in the heat you have there. I am like wilted lettuce when it gets hot here. But am so glad you are happy campers and have a good place to stop for now and return to you home in town.

  13. There is nothing like accomplishing something you want done...great job!

  14. You are really blessed that LD is such a great handy man!

  15. It's just wonderful how you guys are always busy busy busy
    I like catching up on all you are doing
    I also want some of that corn on the cob 5 for $1

  16. You two are truly amazing! I so admire all you do. Please tell LD to be careful working in the heat.

  17. A good feeling...to have accomplished ones goals! You two manage to get a lot done! Enjoy your time back home.

  18. You have to love a man that sings while he works. I'm happy for you to have your jobs completed and that no one fell off the roof or slipped on the ladder. The older we get, the more careful we need to be.
    I enjoyed my visit,
    Connie :)

  19. I have never heard of roofing felt- off to look it up now. Great progress! Cheers

  20. Your Louis Dean reminds me of my dad. A project man to no end and also has a son who lives close enough to come help him out. They are in the process of building an add on to his front porch. So glad he didn't slip and fall, a happy camper indeed!!

  21. Great progress and I love how you keep an eye out for him. Hes precious. I cant wait to see the denum quilt!!