Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Open Door, Movie, Thrift Store and Snowmen! It's a TUESDAY!!!

It was Tuesday all day long!! One of my favorite days of the week!
As I left to pick up Ruth Ann for our movie date (fifty cents at Starplex - today's feature was Baggage Claim!) THIS is the way my front door looked!!

Our front door swells with each rain and the house shifts! Louis Dean fixed the door so there wasn't an opening big enough for a good sized critter to get in and then it rained - again and again!
It got to where I would nearly be in tears trying to get in the house!
You would have to hold the key and the door latch in JUST the right spot and then twist, turn and KICK all in perfect time! Well, he FIXED that today!!! Praise God and thank Louis Dean!

After our movie Ruth Ann and I decided to celebrate the day by going to Dallas to the Salvation Army on Inwood. Win! WIN!!!

I made a haul! A tea pot just like one I used to have! It will be perfect to serve the Glogg at my Ladies Christmas Tea. The napkin and utensil caddy will be used that night as well. 
GOOD stuff!!! Or 'debris' as Louis Dean calls it!!

Once home I first gave Lucy a good bath! She's a city dog just returned from the country - which she dearly loves! But in the country she stays outside all day. She needed a BATH!!

Next up was the gazebo! It will be turning cold, rainy and ICY in the next few days so this afternoon/evening was THE perfect time to decorate out there!

I used a bush 'net' of lights as a 'curtain' instead!
Loved seeing all my Snowmen!

I used to paint a new Snowman every year and may start doing that again.
The one on the left was the first - taken from a card Summer gave me.
I painted a dozen glass ornaments to match that year.

A last year's find at Goodwill.
He has been hanging on an outside closet door since July just waiting for this day!

I have so many 'memory' ornaments and decorations.
Every year when Amber and Ben were growing up we would make a new Christmas project.

Not a good picture but I do love my keepsakes!

Louis Dean joined me out in the gazebo as I was winding up.

It is DONE!!! Just in time! Our gazebo sits in a pretty protected spot.
The only damage we have had to it was one year the snow was so heavy (unusual for Texas) and it ruined the cover. We replaced the whole thing. In February we will replace the cover and side screens. LD bought TWO gazebos so we would have one for 'parts!'
He is so clever!!

He and I are back on salads these days. I say that after he ate a plate lunch of leftovers and I had a hot dog and movie meal at Starplex. Christmas is coming and we CANNOT continue to eat as we have been doing!!
I told him tonight - no more hamburgers on Wednesdays when we go to Quadville.
This nearly caused a riot and/or revolution!!!
Some traditions are just not to be messed with!!!
Okay! Hamburgers for LUNCH tomorrow but I'm taking things for a SALAD supper!!!


  1. I am planning to do grilled chicken and veggies for dinner tomorrow!

  2. the gazebo looks great...some great finds...

  3. I love ambers comment! I love how much she appreciates you and does big and little things show how much she cares about you! I'm also amazed she cooks ! She's amazing!

  4. Salad...there's a thought! Sigh.

    We have a door giving all manner of grief, too. Yay for yours getting fixed. Loved the description of your getting in!

    It is always fun to peek in on you to learn what's new. There is always something new that is for certain!

  5. I love the light curtains. I just may copy that idea.
    I'm also feeling the "it's time for salads again" crunch. I think I made a fool of myself last week. But it was all so yummy. :)

  6. Linda, You may need to get a steel door. I think it sounded like a fun day for you. I mentioned you being a decorating whiz on my post today..I forgot to say Linda'"life " journal.Sorry. I love how you and your swetheart relax at the end of the day together. Blessings to you both. xoxox,Susie

  7. Oh boy sweet friend, you do need to start painting again, I love it! Your curtains are awesome. Loved how you explained getting in...doors are a problema at times! Thanks for your visit, you always make my day! Have a lovely December.