Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Mully Grubs are GONE!!!

I am finally feeling more like myself today! Thanks, in part, to Nicki's comment on my post yesterday!!

"As it is Sunday, I hope you are feeling better today. Will it give you a small chuckle (or maybe a big laugh) if I tell you I Googled "mully grubs" as I thought that perhaps it was a Texas pest of some sort.....after all you had been cleaning but could not get rid of the "mully grubs"....I had to laugh at myself when I saw what it meant - just another phrase I am not familiar with!!!!"

If you are reading this, Nicki - thank you SO much for the good laugh!!

And for those who are unfamiliar with mully grubs - here's the Urban Dictionary Definition -

"A period of time when one is feeling down and out. Depressed, hopeless, lonely and sad."

That being said, I am on the mend. This was our last full normal day at home. Since we were gifted with that extra hour this morning - I spent mine doing art!

This afternoon I attended a Wedding Planning Party for my niece - which was a lot of fun!
It was held at my sister's house (where my mother lives).
Tomorrow is Nita's birthday so it was like a double party!!

There was plenty of tasty tidbits to nibble on!

Yummy dips.....even a birthday cake and champagne to toast both the party and my sister's birthday!
(Thank you to Shannon for the pics! I left my camera at home!)

We were looking at ideas Leah had saved to her laptop.........
(Leah is the beautiful bride to be....)

and I MAY have been a little more emphatic about some points than I should have been!

It was all in good fun and we had a blast!

So, yes, I think I finally got rid of the mully grubs!

THEN.......I came home!
Still no mully grubs but there WAS a 'gnashing of teeth!'
I had waltzed off for the afternoon leaving Louis Dean UNATTENDED for several hours!!
It is really not safe to leave him home alone for more than a few MINUTES!!
Even then it is RISKY!

The area in front of the stone privacy wall was all uneven and hilly where it was supposed to be FLAT!
(LD has added soil a number of times to build up the ground for his cucumbers - which failed to grow!)
I had asked him if he could level this off and he had already taken 2 wheelbarrows of dirt and carried them to the back. (Now I did not ask to SEE where he had put them! Sometimes it's best to just not KNOW!)

Can you see the TV antenna LD bought?
 He could only get the picture to come in if he put the antenna on TOP of my lamp!

The plan was for him to watch football this afternoon and go out and get one more wheelbarrow full and take it to the back. WELL......when I got home he had dug all that ground up like a herd of gophers had attacked it AND uprooted the row of liriope plants and Asian jasmine that was perfectly FINE!! He MOVED these plants to an area where they do not belong and now will most likely die. He actually planted them where years ago he killed all the bushes by cutting them down to the ground with his chain saw! Perhaps he was trying to redeem that act - I don't know.

I decided to ignore all that disheveled landscaping in the front yard and come in and do some more work on my Santa paintings. I donned my paint smock, opened the turpentine and flipped the switch to the attic fan.
I smelled something BURNING so I called for Louis Dean to come fast and see what was going on!!!
He yelled, "Not to worry!!! That's just some TRASH I was burning!"
For some unknown reason he got the idea in his head to BURN all our trash.
I am at a total loss as to how his mind works!!
We live in the CITY and have trash picked up at the curb.
I didn't last long at the art table tonight.
Hard to be creative when the putrid smell of 'Burn' is sweeping through your house.
This is not to be confused with the sweet aroma of a wood fire in the outdoor fire pit.
No - this is more like what you would smell at a landfill. 

So thus ends my day.
No more mully grubs - they have been replaced with the gnashing of teeth and the pulling of hair!!

It may well be for the best that we will be returning to the camper soon.
It is a much smaller area and there is more control there.
Poor Louis Dean.
He just can't have ANY fun!


Carole said...

Hee hee - I thought they were insects as well! Perhaps LD is just marking his territory since he has been away so much?? Take care

Rob Hunt said...

Sounds like LD is my long lost brother I can totaly relate! Have a good trip back.

darlin said...

LOL he was only trying to help! :-) Glad to hear you're feeling better now, hope you have a fantastic week!

Pondside said...

This is so funny! I didn't google, I just thought Mully grubs were some sort of mealy bug like a weevil. I felt SO sorry for you, being ill AND having bugs to deal with.
Poor LD, indeed - The Great Dane doesn't get to have any of that sort of fun either!

Angie said...

I totally think LD and my Husband need to meet!!! You never know what your going to come home to around here. I went to work one day, came home & there was a WHOLE wall missing from living room :)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

-chuckle- LD seems to have too much time on his hands. -gigggles- And his ides of time-filling-projects is not yours. Or mine.

Well, at least one unpleasant mood, was replaced! By another. But....... It still was replaced. :-)

Gentle hugs,

Bernice said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, like everyone else I thought it was some type of Texas insect that invaded your home.
Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon.
Poor LD,he thought he was doing well,I always have a detailed to-do list for my Hubby or I would be gnashiny teeth and pulling my hair out.
Take care:)

Kathy said...

I thought you had some kind of grubs too. Never heard that phrase.

You really have to keep your eyes on LD. He's acting just like a man! Ha, ha. Have a safe trip back to your other home. I still don't have internet at my house, but I will check in on you now and then from work.

Vee said...

Oh I am glad that you explained the term...I really thought you were having serious pest problems. But then... Ha! Hope that LD is out of the dog house soon and doesn't he know that everything is blog fodder?

Blondie's Journal said...

I thought they were pests, too! lol! At least part of your day went well. The food at the party looked delicious! Any time out with the girls is fun!

I've come home to similar things, the house turned upside down, projects half finished. I never realize how much I clean up after people until I go out and leave them to themselves. Grrrr...

Glad you are feeling better, sweetie!


Dee said...

Those darn mully grubs...glad you were able to shake them off.Art always helps me...I am glad to see it helps you also.

Deb said...

idle hands are the devils with men and boys...then tend to stir up all kinds of problems..

Novabella said...

Mully grubs were new to me too, I was thinking-- finally a pest we don't have in OUR gardens or homes (we have buzz flies and spiders and ants in residence at the moment)-- but now that I understand what they are, I'm sure it's a term I'll be using in the future. I have a life partner much like much energy, sometimes needs to be channelled! My mantra: it's not booze, drugs, or other women... pick your battles! I love your blog.

R. in Nova Scotia