Monday, November 19, 2012

Preparations for Celebration!

It is Thanksgiving week and we are preparing!

I made the Company Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Casserole and Cranberry Orange Relish!
They are all sitting in Amber's 'extra' fridge just waiting for Thursday.

The quads have taken to a new schedule and I am amazed!
Amber latest blog post: Quad Squad Feeding Frenzy tells it like it is!

Amber has added yet another clever piece of equipment to the mix!
ALL the babies love it - but this may well be Kailey's favorite!!

You can just barely thread your way through the house with all the swings, mats and baby paraphernalia around here! Before you blink twice it will all be replaced with soccer balls and tennis rackets!
This special time of infancy does not last long!

Tomorrow Louis Dean and I will be spending the day in Quadville - he will be making dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and I will be preparing the veggies for the well as taking care of quadruplets!

I love the anticipation as well as the preparations for Thanksgiving.
Somehow I have never been able to bring myself to decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.
That may change next year - I don't know.

But tonight I am enjoying the comforts of having a menu, schedule, and to do list and know that all is going as planned!

It is even LOOKING a bit like fall here in the Houston area!
You don't see much color in these parts so I was happy to spy THIS!

One more 'Sneak Peek' at the recent photo shoot......
(this one is MINE! the last one was Amber's!)

Hope YOU are enjoying this week of Thanksgiving!


HoundDogMom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the hubby. Hope you have a very blessed day! Sherri

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Happy to hear that all is proceeding as planned, for The Feast! Love your preparations and lists and crossing things off. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to yours... "Auntie"

Sandra said...

quadville is Under Control, you are all amazing to me.

Bernice said...

Yummy looking food.
Hope you and LD have a Happy Thanksgiving,you have 4 beautiful Grandbabies,enjoy every minute in Quadville:)

Kelly said...

Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Y'all have alot to be thankful for this year! That was a good idea to make some of the food in advance too. It seems there is always so much to do. The quads look so cute in their little "playground" in the living room. It's a good thing she has room for so much stuff. I'm not sure I would! I would probably have to move out extra furniture or something. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do though! Whatever it takes to make the babies happy is the most important. Happy babies....happy family!

Vee said...

Oh my! The preparations are in high tilt. Hmmmm...some of those things look marvelous to me.

Had to grin at the eight little feet across the bottom. Gosh they are growing so fast...

Have a delightful Thanksgiving!

Kathy said...

Everything looks so delicious. I know this will be a happy Thanksgiving Day for you!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy Thanksgiving - things look like a lot of fun there - love the 8 little feet. sandie

darlin said...

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving Linda. I'm glad we have ours earlier, this way if I was in the mood to decorate I could have my tree up already; the mood hasn't quite hit me yet with all that's been transpiring.

The quads are so adorable, I love your last photo, that's so precious!

The food looks delicious and I'm sure your meal is going to be amazing!

Have fun in the kitchen... if you make it there while you're on quad duty! :-)

Nonnie said...

The food looks wonderful and the feet look very kissable.

Carla said...

The food looked yummy and I love the little Bell Tootsies.