Friday, October 12, 2012

FOUR Happy Healthy FOUR Month Olds!!

The Quads had their 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago recently and we were all so excited to get such a good report!
You can read all about it in Amber's blog post:

You gotta LOVE these car seats that snap right into the strollers!
Thanks, Aunt Deanie, Aunt Nita and Grandma!
They have made these excursions so much easier!!

Lots of babies!!!

My pretty little Trystan!

The doctor instructed us to bathe the babies when we got home AND wash every piece of clothing they came in contact with AND disinfect the strollers and car seats AND take showers ourselves AND wash all of OUR clothing!
The pediatrician's office sees a LOT of sick children and is loaded with some serious germs! Until Easter the quads are still at high risk for illness and infections.

The quads have now graduated to the BIG BABY bottles!!
First Harrison and Logan - then a week later Trystan and Kailey.
The babies are also sleeping through the nights now.

Today the no longer NIGHT Nanny, April, and I had a ball with the kids!
They can sit up in their Bumbos - I THINK that's what these are called!
(Bimbos, Boppies, Bumbos!! Who NAMES these things?)
They don't sit for long at a time but they are gaining more control every day!

Notice what the girls are wearing? I thought I would dress them alike this morning after I gave them their baths. Baby Armour! I never heard of such a thing!
Apparently it is very high quality sports fabric.
The quads have been so blessed with pretty clothes!
The girls looked adorable in them!

So after the Bumbo seat time they did their 'exercises' in style!

After their afternoon nap the kids all lined up to admire the ceiling fan in their parents' room! What is it about ceiling fans that holds their attention for long periods of time?

Another activity the babies enjoy is Story Time.
Amber's love of words will ensure them hours and hours of pleasure!

I am forever grateful for these happy, healthy quadruplets born at 29 weeks 5 days!
I will also be forever grateful for the outpouring of prayers, concern, encouragement and support from friends and family around the world!
The Land of Blog and Facebook hold some very special people and I am grateful for every single one of you!

Everyone in Quadville wishes you all a happy and blessed FALL weekend!!!


  1. What a happy group of babies! What a sweet picture of mama reading...I see that one of them is not paying attention to the story...ahem... We just love this end of day time when we get to come here and see how it's going. I can't think of a finer way to slow down the evening.

  2. The quads are an adorable, cutest and happiest bunch!! You and your daughter look like everything is so easy, flows and it's, I can't even imagine FOUR LITTLE ONES!!
    May God bless you all. Thanks for sharing dear Linda.

  3. Great pictures, the babies just get cuter and cuter,Thanks for sharing.
    And a big Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us.

  4. Happy 4 months birthday - they are so cute. I bet going anywhere with them is hard! They are soooooo cute.

  5. They are so sweet, Linda! I've been reading all your posts, but life has been a bit crazy, so I haven't been commenting. It's so nice to see that you and LD have made yourselves so cosy in your home-away-from-home - I've loved following the journey!

  6. Oh they look so lovely - so big and chunky. They have really lost their premature look.
    How amazing to have them all sleeping through the night. My two didn't do that until they were nearly 1 and that was one at a time!

  7. And.... You are such a blessing to them!!!!!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

    Do hope the Night Nanny is still being around though... And magically turned into a in-the-day Nanny. :-)

    I love to see the girls dressed alike. And in pink, especially. I'm sure it's not Mommy's fav color but. -grin- I'm just so old fashioned.


  9. So wonderful to take all those precautions, after being some place like a doc's office! Oh yes!



  10. I can't imagine taking 4 babies in the car! Those babies are blessed for sure. They always look so cute. I notice the babies are fascinated with ceiling fans, too. And I love the animal bottle holders in another post.

  11. I can tell they're growing nicely. They are starting to fill out better and really study things. I love the picture of them lying in the bed looking at the ceiling fan. That is so cute! I'm amazed at how you had to wash up so much after leaving the pediatrician's office. That would stink!! Too bad the doctor can't make house calls.

  12. I never heard of disinfecting everything after a visit to the doctor but what a smart idea. What they know now that we were never told! How did our children survive?!

    Love the picture of Amber reading to the babies! It's a great activity to get into that they will always remember. Have a great weekend, Linda!


  13. Happy and healthy ...and cute.

  14. Love watching them grow and flourish!

  15. Annalee turned 3 months today! Time sure does fly doesn't it. It's hard to believe they are already 4 months old!!

    Doctor's offices are the worst when your not sick. I love Axle and Annalee's pediatric office. They have one office for sick babies and a whole seperate building for well babies. It's so nice to go in when they are well and not be exposed to all the sick babies.

    I always enjoy your Quads posts. It's been so fun watching them grow. They are quite the foursome!

    Happy Fall Weekend to You and Yours as well. Hope it's a great one :)

  16. Awww the quads are so totally adorable and look so precious all in their outfits. That's fantastic news they're sleeping through the night now, excellent!