Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Good Day!!

This is my Little Amber - aka Kailey Lee!
It feels like I have gone back in time when I look down at that sweet face!
Kailey likes to be held and she is a snuggler!

She invariably inches over and gets as close to whichever sibling she is sharing space with - most often it is Harrison.

I enjoy watching these babies interact with each other.
Today I was holding Harrison in my lap and he was going to town on his pacifier. Logan gave a little cry and he immediately stopped sucking that pacifier and hies eyes widened. For a few seconds he waited and when she didn't make another sound he relaxed and started sucking again. Then she cried and he did the same thing - and when she KEPT crying then HE began to fuss! I assured him she was okay and he settled back down. They all seem to be very aware of each other and their surroundings.

Last night we had bath time - quite the production when you do four in a row!
This usually works better when you have three people to man the stations.
Amber bathed each baby at the kitchen sink and Mike poured the warm water over them to rinse. He sets the scale and they weigh each one after the bath at which time I dry and dress them. I even blow dry their hair (on low warm setting) and Kailey loved it!! I used the Lady Bug brush and I do believe they all enjoyed 'having their hair done!'
My mother would be so proud!!
The babies are consistently gaining about an ounce a day.

My good news for the day?
Louis Dean got the slide OUT room IN!!!
I am so relieved!
I'll go home this weekend to help him and together we will pull the RV down here.
I will follow him in the car.

Our days have settled down to a good routine.
Everything centers around the feedings.
That being said - if we are creative and determined - you can carve out a little time to do something for yourself.

I went for a nice walk Monday and Tuesday evenings.
The weather has been unseasonably mild for August in Texas!

Amber had not left the house since I arrived on Sunday. It is easy to go into a 'zone' when you stay in 'Quadville' for long periods of time.
This morning after the 7:30 feeding she went back to bed and was able to nap til 11:30 when it was time to start feeding again.
Then as soon as Mike got home from work (he is not working full time right now so he gets home in early afternoon) she went to a salon near by to have her nails done. Then she even managed to do a little shopping before getting back in time to feed the 4th baby in that feeding! Let's just say Amber uses her time very wisely and I am amazed at how much she gets done. AND she is still doing her editorial work (part time) in between everything else she does.

I have an hour until the next feeding and I must run change out my laundry.
I ran out this evening for a bit and scarfed up some good buys at Goodwill!

It has been a good day around here!!


Sweet Tea said...

It all sounds so organized and productive!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Oh...what sweet babes...all of them! It sounds like you all have everything under control. Amazing!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Good day, all round. Wonderful!

and isn't that sweet, how tuned the quads are to each other... But of course, they have ALWAYS been together, so far, in their little lives. :-)

Super to hear that Amber gets needed rest, when she can! And of course, she can, because you are there. :-)


Vee said...

Loved learning that what was out is now in. That is good news. All the best as you follow LD down. That isn't always the easiest trick I've learned over the years.

You all sound so organized with the babies. I suppose it would be sheer chaos otherwise. So fun to know the stories about them and how they interact. So cute to think of them tucking up to each other. They are all so adorable. (Course they do come from a good looking family on both sides. =D )

Bernice said...

Catching up, I love how you have started each post holding and talking about a different quad, they are sooo cute:)
You have raised a amazing daughter in Amber, so organized,I know I would be in such a chaotic state with 4 little ones.
Yeah!! LD got the camper fixed, cannot wait to read about his days with those sweet babies:)

Nonnie said...

I'm impressed that you all accomplish so very much. Wowee! And you are "creative and determined - you can carve out a little time to do something for yourself."
And you manage to look beautiful in the pics with the babies!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It is such a treat to watch the babies growing, Linda. They are absolutely precious. Best of luck with bringing the camper down this weekend. I'm sure LD will love seeing the babies and helping out..tow more hands will make things easier for Amber!

Kelly said...

I am amazed that Amber is still working with 4 babies to take care of! She is super woman!! So glad that LD is going to be joining you soon. The babies are all so cute. I've often heard that multiples are very close to each other. I guess since they shared the womb, they are very in tune with one another.

Chatty Crone said...

I can't even fathom it all but it sounds wonderful. My sister had twins and when one cries so does the other one. Love, sandie

Marie LeJeune said...

I love following your blog. I read it dally even though i dontj comment all the time. the babies are adorable!!!! we need another craft project like the wine glasses where we can all get together!

Deb said...

I love your updates of those sweet babies...they are so lucky to have you there...

Pondside said...

So...soon you'll have LD with you, bringing that nest-on-wheels with him.
I love reading about how the babies are developing, and how they are in tune with one another.

Carla said...

Enjoyed reading the about organization and production y'all have going on.