Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Little Gardening - Tail Gate Style!

Louis Dean is a man who needs projects to keep him out from under my feet busy. I sent him to the grocery store this afternoon hoping that would occupy him for a good hour. It did that and MORE!

He wagged home six tomato plants of assorted kinds - cherry and big ones.....

......along with a large bag of Miracle Grow potting soil.
He lugged out a bucket of water after breaking down a couple of cardboard boxes and fashioning a make shift mobile hot house!

He put the whole thing in a foil baking pan he confiscated after the last Quad Party before it was put in the trash!

He intends to start these plants - and OTHERS - then haul them all back down here when we bring the camper and have his own 'mobile' vegetable garden! We would call it 'Container Gardening.' He calls it his Camper Garden.

His son would be proud of him!!
He lives in the country and grows ALL kinds of things!
He has ducks, chickens, a cow......

This is HIS garden - or PART of it, anyway!!
It will soon be producing a wide assortment of vegetables!
The chickens - and a few ducks - provide him with all the eggs he needs and then some!

When Louis Dean isn't doing grocery runs you can usually find him......

......with Miss Snowball on his lap.

This is one spoiled kitty!!!
The cats are sure gonna miss him!!
No worries! He'll be back!


  1. Louis Dean I am proud of you. there is nothing like a home grown tomatoe and why go without just because you are living a mobil existance? Great idea.This is the latest Monte has started his in the 12 yrs we've been married. I read the post to him and it has motivated him to start his too. Luann

  2. Ha Ha- I love it! LD was sent on busy work and found something to keep himself busy for hours. My hubby is one of those men who need something to do ALL the time too! He drives me insane during the winter because he's the only man I know that will stand in 5 inches of snow and work on a car. He just can't be still!

  3. Love the idea of a mobile garden. LD is a clever man.

  4. Wow...what a man you have!!

  5. LD is indeed a smart and insightful man! You will thank him when those tomatoes are coming in!


  6. Louis Dean seems quite the creative Gardener. Kudos to him. I love to grow tomatoes, and always had a small garden when we lived in Okla. Since we've moved to Louisiana the rabbits eat everything I plant. Boo! Hoo!

  7. Your man will never be bored!!! He can always find, or make things, to keep him occupied.

    Look at that!!! Starting a Camper Garden! Way to go, LD!!!

    "Nature goes her own way, and all that to us seems an exception is really according to order."

  8. I am going to try raising a few tomatoes this year, too. In containers.....
    Hope his do well.
    xoxo bj

  9. Way to go Louis Dean!!! The wheels are always turning!

  10. That LD is full of surprises!

  11. Love it! Have garden, will travel.

  12. Now isn't LD the clever one. A traveling garden. David said with every thing else we won't have a garden this summer but has picked out a spot.
    Who is taking care of snow ball while you're here taking care the little Bell's?