Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gearing UP!!

All of my Christmas decorations are down from the attic and we are gearing up BIG TIME! I knew I had enough stuff to decorate more than a 'normal' person would - but even I didn't know just HOW much I have!

26 regular tubs, 7 SUPER size tubs, 11 white trash bags, 5 ornament boxes, 2 big black trash bags, 2 tin cans.......and.....as one of my friends said - a partridge in a pear tree!!

Louis Dean and I got it all DOWN last night but carried only a few tubs in.
I started on the den first (as I do every year!) and I hope to have that one room completely done by bedtime tonight!

So far I have my Santa Tree finished.....and a good bit of the rest of the room.
Just need to do some finishing touches.

Louis Dean is working on some NOT working lights!
I typically toss them in the trash but HE has the patience of Job and works on them until THEY are working!

THIS is what I have unpacked and put up so far!
It will take me a whole week to get it ALL done.
I have a tree in every room.

Since we worked so hard today, we splurged (calorie wise) on Whataburgers for lunch.
We ate SO late we probably won't eat much for supper....just snack.
I DO have the rest of that apricot pie in the freezer!


Texas Tales said...

Looking good! Will be excited to see it at Christmas. ;)

A Vintage Green said...

That is a big pile of bins and bags full of Christmas Decorations!!!!!
I just added a tiny bit of decorations today, a little drop in a large bucket that you work on.

Nita said...

I love the way you decorate...but some of your most beautiful decorations are your Santa paintings.
What a wonderful talent you have been blessed with. Keep up the great work, everyone is watching you now!

Deb said...

a well deserved treat after a hard days work...I have enough Christmas to decorate a couple of houses...I haven't put much out the last few years...

Kelly said...

My goodness. I thought I had alot of stuff. I don't have THAT much! But then again, I don't do a tree in every room. I know when you have alot of trees, you have alot of stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing everything when it's done. I'm sure it will look wonderful! Seems like we have non-working lights every year ourself. Why is that? It's strange that you can pack a perfectly good string of lights away and then they're dead as a doornail when you pull them out the next.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

I feel normal now! What would we do without Rubbermaid?
Thank you, Linda!

Blondie's Journal said...

You DO have a lot of decorations! I thought I had a lot to do! I hope you finish by Christmas! ;-D

Love the Santa tree! It looks wonderful near all of your paintings, which just amaze me. You are one talented lady!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You are a busy little elf! Love the tree, so pretty!

Changes in the wind said...

You my dear, are the person I would LOVE to visit but not to live with:)

Carla said...

I'm so impressed with your energy and dedication to decorating. I've got one more tub to empty but having a hard time deciding where to put things. Now that I have a real stair rail I need some new garland. I guess I get it done with what I have tonight. Looking good at your place!