Saturday, November 5, 2011

Facebook Visits

Mother and I make 'Facebook Visits' on Fridays. I know Facebook was originally designed for young college students......but I believe the social network is now enjoyed by people of ALL ages!! My 'Friend' list has children and seniors and all ages in between!
I love Facebook! It is such an easy way to keep up with friends and family without being too intrusive.  Facebook is not a good place to vent or cause problems.  Never write anything you would be embarrassed if the whole world read. Of course on Facebook you can be pretty sure only your 'FRIENDS and FAMILY' are reading if you have your privacy settings on correctly - unlike blogs where you have no idea who all is actually in your 'audience' so to speak.

Words are so powerful. I am often inspired and amused by what I read on Facebook.
Pictures are especially meaningful. David Gates coined the phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" back in 1971 and I so believe that! Mother LOVES it when I have pictures to show her on Facebook! She can see her grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren as well as friends and family doing what they do practically as they are doing it! She got such a kick out of seeing little Emma dressed in her Halloween pumpkin costume. She was able to see Louis Dean as he read to a group of our younger friends on our front porch Halloween night. She can watch little Katherine as she grows up - saying, "Oh! She is getting SO BIG!" I showed her pictures of my grandson fishing.

In this day and time even when we all live relatively close to each other it is not unusual to go long lengths of time without actually SEEING one another. While I applaud the benefits of the social media, it in no way substitutes for a personal - one on one - look me in the eyes -  visit! But sometimes Facebook is the best we can do. I know my sister takes Mother down to see her son and his family on a regular basis. Mother treasures these times.

SO yesterday as we waited for our lunch to be served at Razoo's, Mother and I visited my son in California; Mother's  grand daughter in Alabama; my friend, Brenda,in Irving; both of my daughters; my son in Arlington; my sister in law from Canton; and on and on. I have to go slowly because it takes Mother a minute or two to focus on what is going on and just WHO she is visiting. The pictures help.

There is a fine line between enjoying all the gifts modern technology has given us and being RULED by these same gifts. People often poke fun at me - and I do this myself. I am a Facebook Queen! But I think it is a fine thing to use whatever means we have to develop and maintain  our friendships and relationships. Next week I am fixing lunch for a few ladies whom I love. One of them I do not see often but she and I keep up with each other on Facebook.

 I have shared joys as well as sorrows on my page. I think we should keep it real but use discretion. When LD had some health issues FB served as a prayer chain. It was such a blessing to know others were thinking of and praying for us. I love to see the photos of newborns. We get to SEE these precious babies without intruding on the family in what is an exciting but equally exhausting time!

Social Networks are as useful as we want to make them. They are there if and when we want to use them. I absolutely enjoy being a part of it!
Now.....I must go update my status and play my rounds of Scrabble and Words With Friends. I would love to start a game with YOU! Shall we play?


Anonymous said...

I love my FB. It allows me to keep up with lots of friends from school. It also allows my family to say in touch with my Uncle who works overseas! I have to chuckle @ some people though. It seems they use FB as a means to tell the world all their problems. Glad your mother enjoys her visits :)

A Vintage Green said...

I love keeping up with the adult nieces and nephews and their darling children. Facebook has been good for keeping up with family and friends.
I agree with everything you wrote about FB today.
- Joy

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Although I don't have Facebook, I fully agree with you... That we should use whatever *new fangeled things,* which work for us! Yes. Yes. Yes.

Guess everyone else in my family has it, including my husband. And he can show me, when our Granddaugher who is away at college, has something posted. But otherwise, our family is all right in this same city.

But of course, not many Grandparents today, have that experience. The norm is more to have kids/Grands spread all over the country. So the *new stuff* is wonderful.

But............. I'm reading Selected Letters Of Lord Byron. It makes me sad, for the demise of the written word, as correspondence. Today, we have book compilations of such. But the future, will not have them.

Yes, I think too much!!!! -giggles-

Gentle hugs,
"Be like the sun and the meadow,
which are not in the least concerned
about the coming winter."

~ George Bernard Shaw

Flora said...

I don't use FB very often...but I can see where it works great for you! What a wonderful daughter you are!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I did FB visits with my parent's when we were all in Florida, together. They really enjoyed me reading it to them. Glad your Mom is enjoying it, too.

Connie ❀ said...

Good comments, Linda. We really have to remember everyone is reading them, too. It's a different world than it was years ago when it was safe and trusting.
Today, caution is wise.
Have fun , Connie

Carla said...

I love using facebook too to see what folks are up too. And ever so often I'll post something crazy. Posted my 1978 sorority picture. That was a blast from the past. FB is about the only way I keep up with my Missouri relatives since we don't get together too often.