Monday, November 22, 2010

The Scotland Experience.....Part 6

(Taken from my December 2009 Journal)


It is Christmas Eve as I write. The flat is all clean and tidy! Laundry done, floors swept, cinnamon rolls ready for the oven. Mike has gone to pick up his friend, Stephen, from the airport. There is an air of readiness about the place. It does seem a little strange to be spending Christmas away from home and all the familiar decorations and traditions. I would be cooking and wrapping, writing Christmas letters and getting ready for the Christmas Eve service at First Christian Church. Instead I am relaxing in the flat and watching movies with Amber! This year the only hustle and bustle I have had was at ADSA (Aberdeen’s version of Walmart) buying our Christmas week food yesterday! ASDA has 2 stories and an escalator that accommodates the wheeled carts! Pretty entertaining that in itself! As Amber and I rode up and down between the floors, I noticed the harried expressions on the faces of the shoppers and the exhausted look of the employees! Christmas CAN be stressful!! But not for me this year! We shopped every single isle and poor Amber was worn out by the time we were through! No need for spin class or kick boxing for HER that day! We have enough food to last us quite awhile. So whatever YOU are doing on this December 24th…..on this Christmas Eve…. I wish a HAPPY Christmas to all my Facebook friends, family and loved ones!


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