Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ladder UP!!!

I just finished bringing all my houseplants in from the gazebo area!! What a job!!! Two of them have grown to enormous proportions! Louis Dean and I will have to use a 'dolly' or 'two wheeled truck' as HE calls it to get one of them to the truck so we can carry it to Sabrina's office this week! It is HUGE! Another ivy has grown too large so I am giving it to Summer for her home and will pot her up a small arrangement in a basket for HER office! The rest are now inside!

Normally it looks like a jungle in the den with plants stretching across the width of the room on the bench seating area (which we have NEVER used for seating!) under the windows!

But THIS year I was inspired to use a LADDER!! My daughter in law had one in her flower bed holding fall decorations and plants so I grabbed HER idea and found an old ladder of Louis Dean's and brought it in the house!

I like it!! (I think!)

I will need to re-basket some of them!

I managed to get them ALL in on one side of the den.....
makes it easier to get to them to water since there is a baby grand piano in front of the other side!

My Christmas Cactus is already blooming!
This plant is special as it was a gift from the mother of a child in my Sunday School class
years and YEARS ago!! I now have TWO of these!

Louis Dean has ivy and aloe vera that dates back to his teacher days in south Texas!

I am amazed that we can become emotionally attached to PLANTS!!!
Ours are safe and sound for the winter now. Not that it will freeze hard any time soon!
But this IS Texas......and you just never know!!


Mummers said...

Can't wait to receive my plants! I do totally understand how you can become attached to plants. I have a plant from Granny, I've had it for over 10 years. Plus, I love spider plants or airplane plants, which ever you prefer. Can't forget the moss rose from Mrs. Rose and how long ago was that? I enjoy your blog!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Very nice, Miss Linda. I have never been a very good "indoor" plant keeper. I do love to tend to the gardens outdoors, however. Yours look wonderful and healthy!

Dawn said...

Cute idea! And I love the new Christmas layout - but what happened to Turkey Day? Aren't you getting ahead of yourself? :-D

Nicole Bianchini said...

Hey Linda,I liked it too :)
And,what a awesome interface of your blog,about Christmas.I Loved!!!!