Monday, July 5, 2010

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness....

 while this is not a scripture as some people often quote it to IS an excellent axiom. I have ALWAYS enjoyed cleaning! As a little girl I was in charge of keeping the house and watching my younger siblings while Mother went to work. She knew how I longed for everything to be clean! We had very little money and I am here to tell you that it is HARD to clean with water alone! Instead of buying  a toy or candy as a special treat Mother would get some Pine-Sol. Now I have had a life long love affair with PINE SOL! Now, I admit to an occasional brief fling with Mr. Clean and a few affairs with Fabuloso! However, I ALWAYS return to my one true love....PINE-SOL! When Mother was really pinching the pennies she would buy the 'off' brand! It was not even worthy to be compared! It still isn't!! Mother used to say she wouldn't be surprised if I dabbed a little Pine-Sol behind each ear and call it perfume! I won't go that far but to me the fragrance of Pine-Sol means CLEAN to me! Always HAS and always WILL!

Friday evening after MiMi Camp closed for the season and I was just about over the summer cold I have been dealing with for 3 weeks...I began to think about what I wanted to do next. CLEAN! I had not been doing anything but 'keeping house' for the last month so I decided to dig in then and there and start CLEANING! Poor Louis Dean was a bit dismayed as he was hoping for a quiet evening for two in the gazebo with a glass of wine! Being the good sport he is, he decided to pitch in and help! I chose the main bathroom as my project (since it was already evening time) and I think HE thought we might get through in time for a little gazebo time after all....and we did! We cleaned from top to bottom and inside out...drawers included! I can truly say I have a spotless bathroom!

The next day I attacked the hall. Not a large space so I figured I would have it spruced up in no time! NOT! I have a great deal of what my husband lovingly refers to as 'debris.' AND I have an attic fan in this hall which we used a LOT in the spring. Need I say more? It took HOURS but I did it!

I now have THREE clean rooms as I write this.....main bath, hall and my bath! I figure if I clean a room a day I should be done sometime next week! Can you SMELL the Pine-Sol??? I can!


  1. I CAN smell pine sol all the way in TN. and I know your nick nacks and silk flowers feel better having been clean. Glad you have your energy back and hey Amber will be home in a month and I know you want all to sparkle for her welcome home. Love ya!

  2. I like to clean, too and I love the smell of PineSol, but my vet said that it's toxic to cats because they absorb it through their paws. I started using all natural cleaners and I have found that the Melaleuca products work just as well, smell nice and are cheaper in the long run. But I still love the smell of PineSol!

  3. Linda,
    There is nothing like walking into a room that has been cleaned with Pine sol. Sometimes I just pour some in the sink with alittle water and let it scent fill up the house!

  4. That's what I have been doing. Room by room.
    It's a good feeling isn't it ?

  5. I love Pine Sol, too. I should go buy some!

  6. It just lets you breathe better!