Monday, February 15, 2010

It is a small world after all.....

It is a small world after all!! We had a Valentine Dinner Party last night given in honor of our Edward Jones financial advisor, Sharon Gregg. She just recently opened her own office and this party was to celebrate her success! My husband loves her like a granddaughter and I think he fills the bill as her grandfather wanna be! She had invited several of her clients most of whom we did not personally know. I was still in the kitchen preparing the salad when the guest began to arrive. As we all mingled around I was telling the group of my daughter returning from Scotland for a brief visit. One lady said, "Wait! Is she a BELL? WE have friends whose SON just returned from Scotland for a visit!" It turns out they are neighbors of Mike's parents here in Irving! They attended Amber and Mike's wedding and had known all the Bell Boys for years! What a small world! When we took Amber and Mike from the airport to Mike's parents' home, Sandy and Dave (we know their names NOW!) were just getting into their car to head to a motel as the power was out for the houses across the street from the Bells. So we had actually SEEN them on Friday afternoon and knew about the fall Sandy had taken that day and having to take their pets as well as themselves to a warmer place! Little did we know we would be hosting them at a dinner party on Sunday! It ends up that Sandy is active in a Tai Chi class, something Ruth Ann and I have talked about doing for two years. And I teach an art class here at home on Tuesday nights which is something Sandy has been wanting to get back into for awhile! Amazing how God causes people's paths to cross!

My sister in law, Ruth Ann, is another example. She and I have lived in the same section of town for over 40 years! Ruth Ann is sister to my husband's beloved first wife. At our wedding Ruth Ann was reunited with a friend of mine, June, with whom she had attended church for several years! Again, a small world!

The one thing I regretted about a second marriage is that you do not have 'history' together. God, in his infinite goodness, saw that we DID, actually! Although Louis Dean and his wife lived in South Texas for much of their marriage, Roy and Ruth Ann lived here in IRVING! SO they made many trips here to visit in the summertime and during holidays. I am certain our paths crossed unbeknownst to us! So we are able to share history of how Irving has grown and changed. I met my husband through eHarmony and he was living in Brownwood, Texas at the time so this 'Irving Connection' was something I discovered while we were dating! For years his son lived about a mile from me as does Roy and Ruth Ann!

It truly is a small world....after all!

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