Sunday, February 7, 2010

"The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul." Proverbs 13:9

I love this verse and it is oh, so TRUE! We finished the kitchen back splash project! Yesterday we made pretty good time on many accomplishments. First we tackled some outdoor work. It has been a real winter in Texas....and we do not always HAVE real winter weather here. Meaning COLD! The sky peeked out of the clouds and you could see great swathes of BLUE! But that was Friday and I was busy with errands, visits and other things and could not take advantage of this weather. Yesterday dawned with birds singing and coming to the feeder as we sat having coffee in the gazebo. FINALLY warm and pleasant enough to do some gazebo sitting! It was cloudy and chilly but not outright COLD and no percipitation. So we leveled off the flower bed we had begun work on 2 weeks ago and planted my bulbs, lavender, rosemary, pansies and onions. I plant onions right in there with the flowers as we have little garden area and must grow WHAT we can WHERE we can! The rosemary was planted between some of the rose bushes. I was told it keeps the pests off of them. Let's hope! My husband loves roses and we have over a dozen plants in a variety of colors. Everything planted in the front flower bed is fragrant! From honeysuckle to lantana to roses to lavender to rosemary and I am certain some MINT will still crop up...all sweet smells! This flower bed is in front of two windows...a guest bedroom and my husband's music room. In the spring when I turn the attic fan on (which I LOVE!) it will pull these scents right into the house!

After we had done as much as we could outside, we turned our efforts back to the kitchen! I guess we were a little more experienced after putting in two sessions on the walls in previous days! In two hours we had finished the last section of the back splash area. Louis Dean is very good with electrical repairs and wiring. In taking the outlets out so as to put spacers in to allow them to come forward a little in order to be flush with the cover, he discovered a plug that had been wired backwards. I have no idea what this means but he said it was dangerous and so he fixed it! He fixed several outlets on this particular project. One of the outlet boxes always pulled out a little when you unplugged something. NOT any more! It is as tight as it can be now!
By the time we slid into bed last night we had pretty much cleaned up the kitchen! We are very pleased with the way it looks! Back in 1983 when my house burned, I had wanted to put ceramic tile as a back splash. At the time SO MUCH needed to be done as we had to gut the entire house! As a 'temporary' measure, I put up some vinyl wallpaper.....and even REPLACED this wallpaper once...all the while still wanting to put up the tile. My sister recently re-did a home she bought and she used these kitchen wall panels in copper color. I liked them so well and they are so much easier to install that I decided to go that route! I LOVE the fresh look and the lift a new project gives to a room! AND my husband and I worked together on it making it even more special! Yes, the desire accomplished IS sweet to the soul!!

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