Monday, September 14, 2020

12 Hours of Amber Time!! Loved My Mother/Daughter Sunday!

Saturday was a 'Stay at Home' day for me and I loved puttering around doing all my Susie Homemaker duties! There's always more to do in a day than I can actually accomplish but I am blessed in that I never wake up and wonder, "What am I going to DO today??"

Tabitha is beginning to come into her own personality.

Samantha is the ringleader of the two and Summer told me that Samantha eats first!
When we open the kennel up in the morning, Tabitha waits for Samantha to exit before she does.
That's so funny! Samantha eats more but weighs less.
She has the more outgoing I guess that may make her a leader.

Tabitha has been 'cottoning up' to both me and Summer and I think she has as much spunk as her sister!

Saturday was all about easy meals!
Frozen grapes are SO good!
This was our lunch since we get up too late to eat breakfast.

Summer is recovering very well from her carpal tunnel surgery.
She is doing exactly what the doctor told her and is right on target with her recovery.

I woke up Sunday morning so excited!
Amber and I have been wanting to celebrate her June 6th birthday since June 6th!
Covid got in the way.

I dressed and slipped out of the house at 11:15 Sunday morning, leaving both Summer and Louis Dean sound asleep.

I met the Bells at church,  arriving at just about the same time.

Look how the kids have grown!!
I sat between Trystan and Kailey with Logan on Trystan's right....
and I stretched my hand out to pat Logan every so often.
Harrison is such a grown up little 8 year old young man.
He sat in perfect attention on Pastor Ed and the message......
about HAIR!

I talked to Lillian later on Sunday and she said she watched my pastor on TV.
She quit watching the news and now only views old Gunsmokes and TBN.
When I asked her what she thought, she said, "Well, he's different. Not exactly the kind of preaching I'm used to. But he's GOOD!"

Once service was over - and we sit in our seats until most of the congregation has exited - Amber and I parted ways with Mike and the kids.

This was OUR day to spend together!!

She and I both love movies so I gave her a 'coupon' on her birthday for a movie, dinner, Starbucks, a massage and a pedicure. The movie theaters just now opened back up so we were THERE!
It was a Cinemark and they had my favorite cocktail - a Ghost Margarita!
The server made sure I had a pepper in my glass!
It was a dine in place and we split a cheeseburger and fries plus a big popcorn!

We saw Tenet....the leading man is Denzel Washington's son - John David Washington.
He is really good.
The movie was interesting and complicated.
I can't say I followed it all but I was entertained.
A big screen.
All the ambiance of being IN a movie theater again.
The smell of popcorn and the anticipation of seeing a first run movie.
What's not to love?
There were only 6 people total in our theater so social distancing was not an issue.

After the movie, we did some shopping in place of the massage and pedicure.
But first - Starbucks!!
Then Kirkland, TJ Max, Marshalls and Target!

We had such a good time.
We actually had time for conversation - something that is a rare thing when you have four kids around.
I loved our one on one time!
We didn't have to talk fast and give the short version of whatever we had to say.
We could speak at leisure and take our time.
We didn't have to race in a store and hurry up.

We still managed to get back to the Bell Home before the quads went to bed.

Remember Ginger?
The kitten Amber adopted?
She has grown as much as Tabitha and Samantha!

She's such a pretty girl!!!

Trystan, Logan and Kailey all had notes and art to give me!
They made me feel so special!

My friend, Brenda, had given some of her granddaughter's things that she's 'grown out of' - like pretty wall art and games and this 'suitcase' of art supplies.
Kailey claimed that would live in HER room!

We visited and the kids went to bed and still I lingered on.
Amber had prepped a big crock pot of Tortillini soup and we all three - Amber, Mike and I -sat around the table and ate and talked some more.
It was midnight when I got home. 11:58 when I drove in the driveway.
I had taken my night driving glasses so I made it home just fine.
Both Louis Dean and Summer were asleep that morning when I left and they were both asleep when I got home.

While I loved every single minute of this amazing day - do you want to know what I loved BEST of all about it? The conversation!
Words. Talking. 
That's priceless to me.

I have continued to relive my happy time today as I put away all the tresures I bought.
Candles, two pair of Skechers shoes, undergarments, a pair of nice pajamas for Lillian, beauty products, a little of this and a little of that!

My kittens are so much fun.
They play with everything!

I let them play with things they can't really tear up.
What can you do to a tattered ghost??

Before the end of the day, they did manage to knock him down so Louis Dean will have to rehang the friendly ghost tomorrow.

Before I forget - again - this is the recipe for the dump cake I made last Sunday!
I'm a week late and a dollar short - as my mother would say.

It's been a busy Monday!
I did a month's worth of our meds, laundry, some cooking - pasta salad and pea salad - it's the first time I've made pea salad in years!
I had to tweak the decorations in the sewing room....

aka my 'Spooky Room!'

And I have been sewing on Bella's birthday quilt and dressing the gazebo for fall.
Fabric transforms dingy to pretty and tacky to cozy!
I used runners, tablecloths. placemats and pillow cases along with the last of my fall debris De'Bris!

It's 11:43 and I am going to hurry up and publish tonight's journal entry even before I proof it!
If you follow by email - I hope I didn't make too many mistakes!

Goodnight and God bless you!!


Bluebird49 said...

So glad you got "Amber-time"! I know it perked you both up, and you really got everything out of the day that you could. My daughter and I used to love our "just us" time so much, and we always talked on the phone several times a day, too.
Good to hear Summer is well.
All the kittens are cute, and into so much!
You have, as usual, made my head swim with all you got done, but I love hearing all about it. 😍
Hope you all aren't going to get any of the hurricanes making up on the gulf . 😮 Have a lovely week. I guess it's back to the ranch soon?!

Carol said...

Sounds like you and Amber truly enjoyed your day! I have not been to a theater in such a long time. Our local one closed and is up for sale now. It so sad to see what COVID has done to so many businesses. It seems that 2020 has been a year that a business owner either found new ways to do business or have gone under.
Those kittens are so cute!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda, I found a great deal on a pair of black sketchers at TJ Maxx the other day and I thought of you. I also ordered two pairs of winter shoes so I am getting ready for the cooler tempts. Time to go through the closet and see what else I need. So glad you had one on one time with Amber. It is much easier to talk with our grown children when their kiddies are preoccupied. So glad Lillian is doing well in this trying time.

Deanna Rabe said...

The gift of time is so special, and the ability to really connect with one another is wonderful! Glad you had your Amber time!

The quads are growing into lovely people. I'm grateful for the years Amber and Mike allowed you to share them with us!

The kitties are fun and entertaining, I bet they love your home with all your De'Bris!

Sandra said...

what a wonderful day, from dawn to dusk conversation and once again you stuffed more things in your one day than i do in 6 months. the quads are sooooo grown up now.. hard to believe they are 8 years old going on 20... ha ha.. ginger is adorable. does she get along with there dog?

Sandra said...

did not know Denzel had a son, i want to see this one. i don't like movies in theaters because of the people. a theater with only 6 people would be perfect

Changes in the wind said...

Yes the mother/daughter time is the best and to be treasured. I was amazed at how tall the quads are now! The kittens indeed keep you entertained and fortunately don't create a lot of havoc.

Vee said...

Yes! Yes to visiting in person and having TIME to do so. I believe it is in the top five of most important things to do. The grandchildren are growing so tall. That's a wonderful thumb's up Harrison is giving and the smiles...oh those smiles. So glad that Summer is recuperating well. Keep having fun!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We all live out more interesting life through you! I don't do much at all and don't have family close by! Now I sound pitiful! lol But I do love to see what you're doing and your kitties and decorations...oh and family pics. I decorated a little for Fall! That was fun! Hugs!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too treasure my mother daughter time. There is nothing like spending a day with your daughter. I love seeing you playful kittens and all your decorations. You have a lot more of those than I do. It looks like every inch of space is covered. I only have bits and pieces here and there. But I do love them. It's chilly in Ohio today we'll only have a high of 72 degrees. Time to put my layers on. Hope you have another wonderful day there with your other daughter. So nice to have two!

Susie said...

Linda, What great joy to be with our children. I know that was a wonderful time with Amber and her family. My gosh those kids are growing up. I just can't get over it. Take care and get some rest. Blessings to all, love you guys, xoxo, Susie

Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, first, I love the new background of your blog, it is beautiful! I think you should leave it on, even in the summer, ha ha!! Yes, the Quads have really grown! I love seeing their artwork, love that paper heart they made! I agree that your pastor is so different! So cool that he can preach a sermon based on his hair transplant! I am glad to hear that summer is recovering so well.

photowannabe said...

Oh I love seeing all the things you got done.
The family...girl days are just the best.
so glad summer is doing well and Lillian also. She sounds more perky.
You really do her a world of good.
Love that first photo of Tabitha and her pose..very Chic...
We haven't been back to physical church yet..just not quite ready..watching on line works so well for Dave and me.
Good to be back in Blogdom...taking some time to catch up.

Carole said...

A great day indeed. Don't think I'll bother with Tenet - don't need to concentrate hard on anything at the moment! Cheers and stay well