Monday, April 23, 2012

Mood Lighting!

Yesterday Louis Dean and I spent most of the day working outside.
Since we were doing grungy work - we even ate our meals out in the gazebo.

As night fell I lit up the outdoor fireplace.
It roared up and then settled down when I put in a couple of logs.

I love the little weed ground cover that has grown up around the stones.
I lost a lot last summer due to the extreme heat and am so happy it is thriving now.
We have had some perfect April days. Cool. Everything is growing and turning so GREEN! The leaves all look plump with moisture. I am not going to allow the dread of summer heat to spoil the enjoyment of this spring!

I plugged in all my little lights and we settled down in the gazebo for the rest of the evening.

I keep this flag up year round but I will soon be decorating the house with a patriotic theme for May-July.

Maggie comes right on outside to sit in Louis Dean's lap!
She is such a part of of lives it is hard to believe we have only had her a year!

We sit and admire her. She gets lots of attention.
Louis Dean and I do not have children together but we do have our 'critters!'

I talked to Amber this morning and she was sipping hot tea with her breakfast tray and watching old Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies.

She and Ben have loved this movie since they were young children!

This is the back of her hospital room door.
Her friend, Lisa, brought them and put them up knowing how much Amber loves Jerry Lewis!

Sometimes a little humor can make all the difference!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thanks for today's update as well as sharing your lighted outdoor space, beautiful.

Angie said...

What a nice outdoor living space you have Linda! I love that outdoor fireplace, how cozy. Glad you and LD enjoyed some relaxation time!

Good to hear Amber is still well. Continued prayers for her and the babies :)

darlin said...

Linda your creative touch has made your yard a delight to look at, I can even imagine how comfy it is to just sit and chill out there.

Fantastic news that Amber is maintaining her sense of humor and how thoughtful of her friend to put up the photos! Now that's a good friend who knows what makes Amber happy.

Your cat is so loved, I can see it in your photo. :-)


Bernice said...

Your yard looks so lush and green, love your lighting. Arent outdoor fire places great hubby and I sit out by ours every chance we get:)
Maggie looks like she is everyones Best Friend, especially LD's.
Happy to hear Amber is doing well!
Continued prayers for her and those little ones.

Changes in the wind said...

I love how you make time to enjoy all that is around you....

Jen said...

Linda, I was thinking about you and your daughter today! I hope everything is going smoothly! I know she is doing GREAT! Praying for you all and the little ones! :o)

Deb said...

what a fun way to end the day...

Kelly said...

You and your husband have such a wonderful relationship! I love that y'all take the time to really sit with each other and do things for each other. You've got a great guy and vice/versa! I hope my husband and I will be that cute when we're older too.