Wednesday, February 29, 2012

He Is BACK!!!

I haven't said much about it but Louis Dean has been 'out of commission' lately. After the last heavy rain when he dug a trench while it was still raining - and COLD rain at that - to keep the water from coming in the house.......well, it took a toll on him! From that he went right into digging it deeper and laying the drains in.

 Then he spent last Thursday - first shopping - then cooking brisket all night. The next day he baked his famous dinner rolls. By Friday night he was sick and exhausted. He completely missed the party we gave on Saturday as well as the party on Sunday. That is Quad Party #1 and #2 he has MISSED.  I fixed the guest room up as the sick room and that's where he has been lately! He did get up at one point on Saturday to visit the party but didn't last long. My daughter in law, Leigh Ann, went in to visit with him for a few minutes and those were the two high lights of his day! Summer, Sabrina, and Leigh Ann pitched in and took up the slack so the party went on without a hitch. Then on Sunday Summer attended the other party with me.

 So with two parties down and the final third coming up - he was afraid he was going to miss them all the way around. His doctor appointment Monday confirmed what I thought.....a severe asthma attack brought on by exertion and allergies. He was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago but had not taken his medicine. I let him get away with more than I should so now I am being a real nagging wife and he has no choice but to do the right thing.......TAKE THE MEDICINE!

Since he has been doing that the last few days he is miraculously feeling better!! Which is a good thing because now he gets to go down to Houston with me for party #3!!
While I loved giving the first one and seeing all the friends and family - and I enjoyed attending the second one where I could relax and visit without any hostess duties - this third one will be a real party scene since it starts at 6:00 pm and who knows when it will end! (Amber better take a LONG nap that afternoon so she can stay up late!) All of the 'Houston Crowd' will be there from friends, family, co workers, and neighbors! It will be a Texas theme as well so I am taking all the things we used up HERE down THERE!

To make it even more daughter, Summer - who took a day off to help get the party ready up here - AND went with me on Sunday - is driving down Friday after work to help with THIS one! Can you tell she loves her little sister? After the party is over, she and I will spend a couple of days setting up the nursery for Amber.

So! As I write this, Louis Dean is sound asleep! I have been busy cleaning because I like to leave the house nice.....IF I am taking him WITH me! If he is going to be 'home alone' I don't bother. You know what I mean! I come back to damage control no matter what!

We plan to leave EARLY! Like 4 AM! Which is fine with me because he drives and I sleep until we get to Fairfield where we eat breakfast (this is about halfway) a great big, old fashioned, home cooking kind of buffet! I nap again until we stop for coffee or tea and then ride on in the rest of the way in the front seat because you don't go to Houston without someone helping you navigate if at all possible!

I will close now with this needlework I did back in 1983. I noticed it as I was piling things up in the foyer to carry out to the truck.

I love that saying.......and isn't it so TRUE??
Although I must say........mostly I wonder about ME!!


Deb said...

you two have a safe trip...enjoy yourselves too..

Kelly said...

Glad that Louis Dean is on the mend. Looks like you're going to be busy with yet another party. I'm going to start calling you the "party girl"! Now you better take care of yourself too. You've been so busy lately taking care of everyone that you need to be careful not to get sick next.

Kathy said...

So glad LD is feeling better. What is it about husbands and not taking their medicine? Have a safe trip and have fun at party #3!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Parties and still more parties. My goodness, you people are having waaaaaay too much fun! Could I come too? :)

Pondside said...

My goodness you've been busy! I'm glad that your dear LD is on the mend. That man - he doesn't seem to have an 'off' switch - he just goes and goes, by what I've read. You'll have to sit on him and pull rank!

Sweet Tea said...

Poor LD. Sure glad he is on the mend. it would have been a real shame to miss ALL the parties!

The Houston party sounds like yet another time of fun. How nice of you to take your Texas decor to share.

All these baby parties are soooo exciting!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

-sigh- That LD. He did too much, again! -sigh- When will that man learn?!?

"Auntie" is mighty happy that the meds are working, and he is feeling better. And that he took complete bed rest, during the parties themselves.

But still.........

Tellin' you LD, if you don't start taking better care of yourself, and stop acting like you can-still-do-it-all.... Welllllll... Grrrr...

"Auntie" just might have to hop on her broom and fly down there and give you a good, old-fashioned talking to!!! Yes!!!!!!

I have lots of experience, doing so, up here with my own Man. Who also has a tendency to think he can keep-doing-everything-now too.

But you are married to Sweet Linda, who never hollers. Where he is married to not-so-sweet-"Auntie." Who does not mind hollering, now and then. -grin-

Think... 'Beverly Hills' Granny, with more pounds on her. -giggggles-

Happy March!

"The snowdrops are out around the twenty-second." ~Gladys Taber

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Dear Sweet Linda, I am so happy that the parties when off, with out a hitch. And that you put LD to bed and he stopped his macho-macho-man gig. -Grrrrr-

Nope, not gonna' fret at him in this comment. This comment is to Sweet Linda, and I am being sweet. -giggles-

Yes, happy these 2 gatherings were wonderful. And in hopes that LD will sit-out prep for the coming gathering. There must be lots of friends down there, who can pitch in and help.


Happy March!

"The snowdrops are out around the twenty-second." ~Gladys Taber

Vee said...

I know how having a sick hubby weighs upon a gal so I am glad that your hubby is on the mend and taking his meds. (When I mention that this or that looks like this or that my hubby gets a bit annoyed and then he visits the doc and my opinion is often affirmed. Perhaps he'll learn to trust Dr.Vee ;>)

I do love that expression and learned it a different way, though longer and not so easy to get on a pillow...Everyone, save for thee and me, is a wee bit odd and sometimes thee is a bit odd, too. It was attributed to a Quaker expression, but I don't know for a fact.

Here's hoping for a great party...the third time's the charm!

Flora said...

He better quit working so hard that man of yours! Have a wonderful trip you two!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I hope he is on the mend! Enjoy party#3.

Carla said...

Was glad to see LD at the party Saturday. You two ought to be exhausted with all the digging and running and partying. Oh wait it did catch up with LD. You need to take time for yourself or you'll be down sick.
Amber's really gonna need you when those four little Bells arrive. ;o)
The Party was wonderful.