Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Sunday Morning Visitor

As Louis Dean was pouring our morning cups of coffee he happened to look out the door and see this beautiful egret at the fountain!
He began to call for me to come NOW!! HURRY!
Luckily my camera was right there on the counter so I snapped a couple of pictures before this graceful bird took flight!
We have many feathered friends visit our back yard but this was a FIRST time experience for us and probably for that particular bird as well!


  1. omg i can't believe he was just hanging out back there! that's a huge bird to "spot!"

  2. Perhaps it was the ducks (decoys) floating in the pond!

  3. Wow! How cooooool is that?!?

    Great photo capture too! It almost looks like a painting, instead of a photo. Anyone else see what I mean? :-) In fact, when I first clicked into this post, I sort of thought it was a painting.

    One of those (picture taking) things, which we could not do, if we wanted to do it, I suppose. 'Cause you must have taken the pic QUICKLY. And didn't have much "planning time." :-)


  4. awesome what a cool visitor...I've seen alot flying around but none have landed here...

  5. Now that's a giant bird. Good for you for getting the shot!

  6. How pretty, he just thought your yard was to nice to pass up.